Wireless sports headphones Ubit D9

Wireless headphones – your one-stop thing. I’ve been wanting to get hold of such a device, given my Hobbies. I love to run, go to the gym, and in the process things always listen to audio books or good music on the smartphone. And the eternal tangle of wires, which represent a wired device, irritates me enormously.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Appearance
  3. Bluetooth connection
  4. The sound quality
  5. Charging, battery and control
  6. Conclusion

Where to buy

Therefore, spotted on Aliexpress cute headphones from a hitherto unknown company Ubit, I became wool reviews on them. Read the specifications, I looked at the photos that the seller provides in the description, and, without thinking, ordered here from an authorized representative of Ubit Ali.

Full name — Ubit D9 sports wireless Bluetooth headphones with microphone. In other words, a «headset».

No agony of choice I had, the colors offered gold, pink, silver and wet asphalt, just perfect under body of my smartphone and tablet.

The cost of the device 13,91 dollar. Shipping is free, and after 18 days I have met a courier with the parcel. The packaging was standard, yellow bag and some bubble wrap in several layers. Inside the fun box is 11 by 11 inches, made of cardboard, but very powerful, this will not crush in shipment.

On the bottom of the box picture and brief technical information about the device side of the circle to represent the color and take the name of the model.

Inside two compartments, in one earphone and the second USB wire for charging.

The package I was completely satisfied. In addition to device and device charging, I found three pairs of interchangeable inserts-inserts, clothespins and instructions in Chinese and English.

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Removable inserts made of silicone, of different diameters, so choose the size to fit your ear holes can both adult and child. The silicone is soft, thin, with red at the center, the dream of an aesthete.


However, the eye rests and rejoices considering this model of stereo headphones. They are made soundly, to find fault even with a strong desire to nothing.

The design is concise color scheme includes black, grey and chrome. The materials used are high quality, soft to touch and durable.

Insertion part is metal with a magnet, it turned out to be very convenient. If the cord is lying in the back, on the neck, then took out the headphones, and dropping the ends on the chest, the magnets attract each other, forming a closed ring. So headphones is not lost, not even fixed the pin. Me this point often helps.

Bluetooth connection

Pair the headphones with your tablet or smartphone perfectly, never had problems, my Android is 7.0. Bluetooth Version Is 4.1.

The distance at which well keeps the connection with the tablet depends on obstacles such as walls. In open areas it’s consistently 10-12 meters. And in a room with concrete or brick walls the connection might get lost if I go away from the device for 5-7 meters.

The sound quality

The sound of the stereo, as I liked the sound excellent and clear. Noise reduction ensures clean fully. Ear pads also well close the access to the external noise, have a snug fit.

For more stable fixation in the ear there is a special rubberized focusing, resting in the curve of your ear. It is soft but elastic, and even during different tilts and jumping ear rarely out of the ears.

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Charging, battery and control

Fast charging from laptop takes about 70-90 minutes. The control panel has two lights, blue and red, to alert you about the battery status. Its capacity is 70 mAh. This is enough for 4-6 hours of work, all depends on the flow rate.

The control buttons are mechanical, the three of them, they are all located on the panel. The steps are simple, they are easy to understand even at random, without having instructions. And on the product page all the manipulations described in detail.

In addition to buttons for user actions is following sound Trustee. A female voice gives clues about the connection status, charging on incoming calls.

By the way, while I hear the incoming digital number format to English. Answer a call using the middle button on the panel. The microphone is sensitive, audibility of the interlocutor is excellent. Me also had no complaints while communicating through it.


Headphones Ubit D9 surpassed all my expectations in features, sound, friendly and helpful functionality, life time on a single charge. They are simple, convenient, strong, and thoughtful, given the mobile lifestyle of the owner. This is exactly what I wanted, ordering them from Aliexpress on this page.

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