Wireless sonar Fish Finder

After buying on Aliexpress detector Boolatek, I liked it so much that I decided to continue to explore the world through different scanners, etc.

The following machine I have wireless sonar Fish Finder firms, but it did not take Ali and GearBest, is about the same area and just as easy to order with free shipping.

Bought here. The parcel arrived in two weeks.

The contents

  1. Equipment
  2. Sensor
  3. Management and instruction
  4. Menu
  5. Gauge setup
  6. Opinion
  7. Video


In a very sturdy box everything is Packed in this order:

  • The depth sounder;
  • Wireless sensor;
  • Drawstring on the neck for the device;
  • Charging wire;
  • Antenna and user manual in English.


Himself floating sensor is a spherical buoy the size of an orange, the body of which there are two metal contacts.

In normal condition it is off, but in contact with water turns on and starts the «monitor» water space up to the bottom corner of the «review» — 90 degree. According to the manufacturer, up to 40 meters deep.

There is a lug to attach to the spinning, boat or just a fishing line. By the way, I recommend still spinning-rod brand Agepoch with Aliexpress

If the sensor is to promote, in it we see only the charging connector (the wire I recall is complete) and closed protective cap plug for antenna, if you plan to use it very far from the echo sounder.

Inside the standard Li-Ion battery at 3.3 Volts, and the battery level gauge shows the sounder on its display, which is quite convenient, because I do not want him to once again pull out of the water and check.

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Management and instruction

The sonar Fish Finder is more like a gaming handheld console. It has a color screen and a few buttons, and the center button-rocker, like similar to gaming joysticks.

From the top you can screw the supplied antenna.

Before using to insert the back four batteries size AAA or simply «Mizinchikov». This device is not waterproof, just waterproof from splashing and rain. But to immerse him in the river just not worth it!

It is switched by long pressing the Power button, then lights up a greeting of «Hello.» Then starts the demo mode, how would showing the operation in a real pond.

On the screen you can see the data as battery power, signal strength to the sensor, the water temperature and depth at the moment beneath. All this on top of the screen in the form of numbers and symbols.

The screen like the TV shows the DNA structure and exact location of the fish.


In the device menu, which is invoked by pressing the corresponding button, you can change (from top to bottom in the photo above):

  1. The sensitivity in percentage;
  2. Message (squeak) in contact with the screen fish — on-off;
  3. Alarming squeak when approaching the bottom in meters;
  4. On the next screen: the display brightness in percent;
  5. Speed graphics, how fast is «running» the picture on the screen;
  6. Distance in metres to switch do not need.

Gauge setup

Here it is called a sensor and is located on the last screen of the Menu mode:

  • Depth. Do not suggest to install it manually, with experience you will understand why. So set it to «Auto», and generally is measured in meters;
  • Switching from demo to live mode (real-simulation), need to be directly on the water;
  • Filter that allows you to turn off different types on the screen. Unlikely anyone will need. For example, if you want to see only the bottom, and all the inhabitants do not need.
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That’s all! The rest can be seen in real live on the pond below.


This sonar Fish Finder firms can safely recommend to buy. Take, again, GearBest in China, here is the link. Well, if you really want to Aliexpress to look for, then here is the direct link for this company on Ali.