Wireless karaoke microphone q7 with column and player, sing?

How often do You sometimes need to be heard? I don’t mean difficult family or social situations when you need to approve your proof by raising your voice, I want to talk about the technical aspects of this issue.

Probably, there are only two ways: to speak loudly, which can lead to unpleasant moments or at least fatigue, and, to use sound-amplifying device. A couple of years I have specialized in conducting different recreational activities. Interaction with a group of people without safe words is almost impossible.

Heightened emotional state increases the decibels by orders of magnitude. I got the idea, why not connect a microphone and a small speaker in one device to minimize feedback (when the sound from the speaker enters the microphone and is spinning endlessly, creating whistling sounds at certain frequencies), and even mp3 player to add.

It turned out that this device already exists!

Common name – Bluetooth karaoke microphone. That’s the miracle of technology I want to tell.

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  • Where to buy and how much it cost
  • Instruction in Russian
  • Revision
  • Connect bluetoth
  • Opinion
  • Video: demonstration of
  • Where to buy and how much it cost

    My choice from what I found on Aliexpress, stopped on the model of Q7. It is called a Bluetooth microphone Q7. It can be easily found through a search on Aliexpress, I bought here.

    Ordered in April 2017. The order cost about 35$. Went to the Vologda region for two weeks. Arrived safe and sound and without damage. It looks like an ordinary dynamic microphone, but with the cube in the middle.

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    Click on image to enlarge

    Very original design I immediately liked. It looks more aesthetic in comparison with other models. If I could remember the reporters from the news on the microphones are of such cubes with the logo of the channel.

    And Q7 in the cube there are two dynamics right and left. These two speakers are closed with small metal bars, which is understandable from the point of view of safety of the speakers.

    Instruction in Russian

    On the front face of the cube are the controls. They resemble small mixer. Why small? I would say toy, because the long fader, and thus the potentiometers, less than a centimeter. But those faders are really operative.

    TREBLE and BASS respectively, add the high and low (bass) frequencies. VOLUME – adjusts the volume of the microphone. ECHO – adds reverb (echo). But adjusting MUSIC controls the music volume, which can be played with a USB or Bluetooth source.

    The flash drive connects to the bottom of the handle. A player that reads from it music control buttons on the top face of the cube.


    A couple of lines constructive. If you Unscrew the protective grid of the microphone, you can see a little microphone cooking. Of course, small, so the calculated design. Protective mesh is the foam. There is a secret…

    If You have formed a feedback view, it does not hurt if the microphone head the foam. That is, it should not touch other parts that will cause a sound wave to the speaker and back. I just picked up a rubber damper line.

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    Connect bluetoth

    A couple words about the Bluetooth connection, charging and karaoke. Bluetooth works like a Bluetooth speaker, can connect with computer, mobile phone or tablet.

    If you connect the microphone via the wireless network for the first time, you need to perform a one-time pairing. Just on Q7 is turned off, press and hold for 5-7 seconds the power button. It will start to look for new devices on the network and invite them to connect.

    On the gadget or computer, enable bluetoth and click the «Refresh» button (on Windows it’s called «Appendix»). When you receive a string with the name of the microphone, click on it and wait for the creation of a new pairing, which usually takes less than one minute. When reusing separate not required — both units are excellent to each other find.

    And if you want to record your voice on the phone through Q7, it is necessary to use a wire microUSB miniJack. MiniJack is inserted into the phone and the microUSB at the bottom of the cube Q7. There is a microUSB socket. It is also used for battery charging Chinese microphone-speakers. The battery lasts about three hours. Yes, for the record karaoke you need to download a free mobile app from the Play Market (for smartphones on Android) or Apple Store (for iPhones or iPads).


    On my topic conduct entertainment Q7 suited, but not more than fifty square meters of the room, and fairly quiet audience. For example, in the library, the bus or a children’s birthday party.

    Don’t get me wrong, entertainment are different. Kidding of course. Because Chinese manufacturers also exaggerate to specify the characteristics and parameters.

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    But this product is an original in its kind. Toy is interesting, a lot of emotions, it is worth to buy. Children’s audience will be thrilled. And as a gift too. Personally, I really liked it. Included is a case, charging cord, cord to connect to a mobile phone manual.

    I recommend to watch the following demonstration. Bought in China here.

    Video: demonstration of

    Beautiful girl sings:

    The child calmly sets the connection with the gadget and demonstrates for us: