Wireless headset Oasion review after buying on Aliexpress

Recently (in mid-December 2017, and he came about 10 Jan) I ordered such an interesting gadget…

The name of this incredible product bluetooth headset from a little known brand Oasion, ordered here. For those who don’t know, then bluetooth headset is used for remote talking on the phone or for basic music listening, for example, during a trip by bike or car (when there is no possibility to pick up a phone and talk).

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In fact, this thing is quite useful even in simple everyday life. This handy device is a small earpiece, with buttons for volume and call-answer button.

The contents

  1. Equipment
  2. Battery
  3. Price


As this earpiece must stay in the ear, and to this end in the complete set there is a small hook which makes the headset stay in a stable position on your ear.

Also, if you are an avid music lover bluetooth headset of this company (this is not everywhere and is a nice bonus) provides a second earpiece that connects to the main using a small wire that you can just throw over your head and enjoy your favorite musical group.

Of course, the sound quality will be slightly worse than higher-quality music or gaming headset, but you need to understand that first and foremost, this device is designed for voice, and everything else is extra features.


For all these activities, the duration of battery life Oasion more than enough. On average, he works 12 hours (plus or minus two hours, depending on the nature of the tasks).

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I use this device for so long, so can’t say anything further about his health, but so far everything is working properly. Works at distance of 3-5 meters consistently, then start some hesitation, delays, and stuttering. At a distance of 7-8 meters from the sound does cut off, but when approaching the source is restored.


It is inexpensive for such things. I ordered it at this link, but its price was a little lower at that time, and now he’s somehow more expensive. In order to save, I recommend to order all products using the cashback service, because very often users are offered a pretty good discount, well, just to return some percent of the order is always nice.

Overall, this is a great product whose quality matches its price.