Wireless HeadPhones SH10

For Jogging choose the Aliexpress new gift stereo wireless headphones closed type model SH10 Headphones with radio and MP3 player Transition SH10. Estimated time of arrival in the Russian Federation twenty-one days.

Delivered was a package in Sochi even faster. The customer sent my order free standard Shipping service AliExpress. Cost of goods — $ 18 (1229 roubles).

Took on Aliexpress here on this page.

Buying SH10 seemed excellent. This is a useful purchase for those involved in sports.

The contents

  1. Convenience
  2. The quality and ease
  3. Control and communication via Bluetoth
  4. Battery
  5. Video


When you use understand that they are hardly felt due to the minimal weight not fall down and not compress with a soft headband and a clever design. Perfect for listening to tunes on the road.

Of the four colors go for a black one because of its practicality.

The quality and ease

Material finish simulates snake skin.

One of the main advantages – easy to transport: they are formed in several ways, are compact and fit in any purse or backpack. If necessary, you can adjust the mount around the circumference of the head.

Control and communication via Bluetoth

The manufacturer provided a model with many possibilities. There is a radio, the music reproduced from the memory card, wired and connection, and through Bluetooth.

At ten meters distance it communicates with other devices. Connecting with them is always stable, connection is not lost. You can manage calls from a mobile phone.

The control buttons are located conveniently on/off, playback, rewind/volume up, flip back/decrease the sound level, the FM switch c on composition, response to call.

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In the description it is noted that the time — up to 8 hours. Probably and so, difficult to verify. Include often, charge is rarely a good indicator.

To fully charge takes about 120 minutes. Now your little treasure SH10 HeadPhones always carry. Once again, took on Aliexpress here.


The video is not mine, just found it online, but it is all about them: