Wireless headphones QCY QS 2 — like 2 AirPods, only better!

Good afternoon. I want to tell you my experience of buying wireless headphones QCY QS 1. They bought on Aliexpress here on this page. The price at the time of purchase was $ 1200 with something rubles – at that time was the low price (currently the price is very good – 1050р). They work without wires and energised in my own case, as do all known AirPods 2 from Apple.

Delivered 15 days before the Samara region, very quickly. Box came a little wrinkled , I not critical. Package contents: headphones, interchangeable ear cushions, power cord, user manual (if you ask the seller maybe he will put you in a gift pouch).

The contents

  1. The quality of earphones and sound
  2. Connectivity and ease of use
  3. Charging and carrying case
  4. Opinion
  5. Video

The quality of earphones and sound

The quality of the model QCY QS 2 excellent. No backlash, not loose. At first it seemed that the plastic is of dubious quality , but after 2 days realized that the plastic is a nice matte black headphones if nothing gets dirty (gets dirty and if it is not visible).

Weigh a bit. Headphones the cover does not fall out, as in the case there are magnets (unless shake, it can fall out). By the way the fact that there is no cover I consider a plus, as they are very easy and quick to get.

The sound of the headphones is good, don’t you think its great but not bad (for common users will go). Ear pads had to be replaced because the standard did not fit – not enough bass and the sound was bad.

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But after I put the ear pads immediately opened up the sound quality.

Connectivity and ease of use

Joined QCY QS2 easy – get right earpiece (it will connect with the phone) – turn on Bluetooth on phone – connect to headphones (QCY-QS1_R) – take out the left earphone and listen to my own music!) Then – just turn on Bluetooth on the phone, take out the headphones and after 3 seconds they are ready to use.

About the lag of sound from your headset via Bluetooth – YouTube sound is not far behind, the game lags for about a second (depends on the version of Bluetooth on your phone – I have 4.1, the headphone 5.0).

If you are connected to wifi, then when listening to audio and with a weak wifi signal, you will lose network signal (maybe due to my version of Bluetooth 4.1 running on the phone such problems).

To adjust the volume, unfortunately, impossible (by the way, on the original Apple AirPods is also impossible to adjust the volume).

To turn off you can long hold the button on the right headset. Also the headphones have a microphone to accept calls (the quality of the MIC leaves much to be desired).

Separately you can listen to only the right headset QCY QS have a while left on charge, the opposite is impossible (if the right earpiece is charging, it left off). Of course headphones are not waterproof, but if it does so, the headset dropped you in the water then it will need to dry it, but I can’t guarantee that it will help.

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Charging and carrying case

Charge QCY QS 2 lasts for 3-4 hours, depending on volume, the only thing you can’t learn when you have discharged the case, as there are no indicators except those that show the charging process and turn off, respectively, when the case is charged.

The case charges the headset is fully discharged 3-4 times. Each of them has a button. If both work then the headset: 1 press any button playback/pause , 2 clicks on the right earpiece switching tracks, 2 clicks on the left earpiece – switch the track back, hold the buttons 3 seconds – challenge Google’s Assistant or Apple’s Siri.


To use headphones is very nice. When sport headphones never fall out, no matter what I do: running, jumping, etc .

Conclusion: QCY QS 2 — perfect alternative to cable and original Apple AirPos 2, only much cheaper. I like them very much. I recommend to purchase. Anyone interested, here is a link to the product on Aliexpress. Also, I want to draw Your attention to the related headset AirPods TWS i11 and elegant DFOI FreeBud.