Wireless headphones Havit i93

I wondered on what wireless headphones to take with Aliexpress. Options, of course, were very many, and I long could not decide what to choose.

And then I stumbled upon a headphone Havit i93. After reading reviews about them I realized that these headphones are perfectly will be suitable for me.

Product won over by its battery life (about 50 hours from a single charge of case), plus legend has it that they play better alternatives and are smaller.

And so I went to Ali, found the same headphones here on this page, they were off, they cost 1730 rubles + free shipping.

Paying for the order I waited until the seller will send the parcel. Sent them rather quickly, on the second day of ordering. After 3 days I called the courier and asked where it is more convenient to deliver the goods.

And now I’m unpacking my first wireless headphones with auxiliary charging like Apple AirPods. Box was in perfect condition with no dents. Included were the headphones Havit i93 + case charging + removable ear pads + charging cable.

I have to say: the sound is very very decent, especially on ios (on Android is a little quieter). Sit in the ear very comfortable, do not fall. Yes, to some they will seem too overall, I have had no problems.

The only disadvantage of Havit i93 was in the stiffness of the mechanical buttons, but with time it becomes softer. Tested them a month I realized that to put them completely very hard.

Playing headset in talk mode about 3 hours on a single charge. The case I charge about once a month. I am sincerely glad that I was lucky with the choice of the miracle of headphones. Once again, I bought them on Aliexpress here.

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