Wireless headphones DFOI FreeBud with Bluetoth 5.0

Ordered headphones DFOI FreeBud with the fifth Bluetooth 19.02, came 12.03. The seller 5 days to processed the order, as it is not very fast.

At the time of booking they cost 2100, although the price is always walking from 1900 to 2300, took on Aliexpress here on this page Now, about the ears themselves: for this price the quality is top, are built well, only flimsy cover from the case, but in three weeks everything is in order.

Charge the headset and case are enough for me for two days exactly, but given the fact that I occasionally put my headphones into the case to recharge. In-ear headphones because of this external noise does not prevent to listen to music, do not fall out of your ears.

Exist in white and black variants.

In youtube there is no any delay in pubg is 0.1 sec. Sometimes, the sound stops, but if in line of sight from the phone 10 metro quietly catches. I have redmi note 5 schedule of charge headphones is. Connected via Bluetooth the fifth version without any problems.

After several days of use I would like to add your opinion. The sensor is really very sensitive, the slightest touch and the music is on pause, in principle, not critical.

As has been said in the formulation of other pads on DFOI FreeBud, they are not strictly adjacent to the charging pad in the case and headphones are not charged. The microphone is so-so, if you’re on the street, the interlocutor hears you badly.

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Size DFOI slightly longer than earpods. Out of the box in the ears of the English language as soon as insert headphones in ears sounds in the left «left channel» and the right «right channel».

In General, for 2000 rubles — this is a top product, sound better than the most famous Apple AirPods, the connection system is a little different, that is, when you open the lid of the carrying case the headphones do not join in the Bluetoth 5.0. Again, took on Aliexpress here.

Also I recommend to pay attention to the full copy on the Apple AirPods — model TWS i12 and a full head high quality Bluedio Vinyl.