Wireless headphones Dacom K6H and K6P

Good day to all! My headphones came brand Dacom, yay! Delivery was paid (2,63$), the cost of the headphone 24.99$, the seller sent immediately the parcel got there in 2.5 weeks, I feel great.

Headphones K6H came in the original box, box is not damaged, this can be in the present. Took here on Aliexpress.

So, the kit includes a box with a cord for charging (cord is short), a pair of headphones, user manual in 2 languages (English and Chinese), spare vacuums.

Manual from me

Headphones the duck came already infected, so was able to immediately connect them. When you enable light up blue light bulbs-LEDs in the «ears» when there is a connection lights up red.

To connect, by the way, you first need to turn on the main earpiece, hear a female voice, and then turn on the second. They are well inserted and not fall out of your ears when shaking head.


Minus : when listening outside in windy weather, is the separation.

In one earphone built-in microphone, because you can use for conversation. Dacom 7s were bought with the aim of listening to audio books, so the sound is quite satisfied.

Battery, continuous listening is enough for 4-4.5 hours, not more (the seller has promised 7 hours). Fully charged in 1.5 hours. It is out of battery, put in the box and again can charge, very convenient. Summary: headphones met all my expectations, I’m happy!

Once again, took on Aliexpress here on this page.

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