Wireless headphones Bluetooth Meizu ep52

For the New year decided to please yourself new wireless speakers. And as to the choice I always fit is very critical, pre-read the reviews online and consulted in the offline store. And in the end, I opted for a headphones company Meizu, model EP52.

This model according to the manufacturer as a sports. With sports I’m friendly, but not regularly. The main purpose – listening to music and videos on the street and in the subway.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Convenience
  3. Quality
  4. Conclusion

Where to buy

Ordered them on the well-known Aliexpress at the end of November, not even counting that in time to before the New Year. But after 2 weeks kept a box of headphones in his hands. The purchase cost 2400r, free shipping regular mail. The seller — MEIZU Official Store. And here’s a direct link on these headphones Meizu.


Headphones are very light, but it does not look flimsy. Black silicone bezel and leads a calm red color looks stylish. Themselves a metal head, and especially liked that magnet to each other. When walking very comfortable – they do not hang separately and do not cling to the clothes. Besides «magnet» can be used to pause the playback.

On one side of the bezel are the power button and switch tracks, and the indicator – is blue when enabled, red when charging.

By the way, about charging. Here lies yet the only minus for me. My headphones only work 6 hours after fully charged (in the user – 8 hours). That is, I have to charge them almost every day.

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Full charge time, fortunately, just about an hour. And the fact that the headphones sit, advance warning a pleasant female voice. Of the minuses also short charging wire included (approximately 20 cm), but I usually still use one from a smartphone. Micro-USB in help.


The range stated by the manufacturer is 10 m. How accurate is this information, I have not checked, as normally used in the vicinity of the phone. When moving in the apartment work anywhere and the sound quality does not suffer.

With headphones embedded codec AptX, which delivers excellent sound. Given that I use often in the subway, the sound quality is satisfied by 90%. Lacks a bit of volume.

In addition to listening to music and movies, also use them as a headset when speaking. And there’s another plus – no longer have to shout over ambient noise and, conversely, to hear what the interlocutor says. The thin microphone picks up speech even in the subway.

Very well, in my opinion that headphones provides moisture protection. Given the constant rainy weather in Moscow, it becomes just a necessary function.

I would also like to mention the packaging headphones. Included is a stylish silicone case black color with magnetic lock, the ear cushions of different sizes and a charger. Along with headphones Packed in a very presentable box red color, also on a magnetic mount. Quite suitable for a gift.

Cover I never used, therefore, to assess the convenience can’t. But replaceable ear pads is necessary for me. Always when choosing headphones pay attention to their presence. From Meizu Ep52 in a set of 6 pieces of different sizes.

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Since sports headphones, checked them while Jogging. Very convenient – you don’t fall, don’t get confused. But to do push-UPS – a pull-up is inconvenient, because the rim kept slipping and knocking on the back.


In conclusion, what about buying Meizu ep52 I’m not sorry. The headphones have shown themselves indispensable in the conditions of ordinary life in the city. For his price just fine. But specifically for sports and real music lovers should probably look for something else.

Also, remember, bought on Aliexpress here.