Wireless headphones Bluedio T2S Turbine

Good time of day. Bought for my husband as a gift headphones Bluedio T2S. First what was important for me, is the lack of wires, ie working from the Bluetooth.

Second, this charge is 8 hours (ie my husband at work may not be charged and to listen quietly to your favorite music). Third, I was pleased when they came, the sound of it. Clear, no complaints.

The contents

  1. Payment and shipping
  2. Work and charge
  3. Driver and connection
  4. Video

Comfortable, stylish, and blue (worried about color) came exactly the same as in the picture.

Head size is adjustable (ie headphones comfortable to listen to not only my husband but also me). It is convenient to store as they fold up and they will not break if you put them in a bag or something. Nice upholstery leather.the Deputy on the pads.

Payment and shipping

Headphones were ordered in 4 th March and came 24th March, bought here. I do not much disappointed with the quality and price of these headphones, until this was taken from another manufacturer, they broke in a month, and these are kept and not a scratch or change the sound, plays with them our child, repeatedly throwing them and nothing has fallen off, everything is kept.

Work and charge

Again, I repeat, no failure there. Charging is not less than 8 hours after full charge, never heard from her husband that they died during the operation, the full charge is achieved in approximately one hour, is rarely seen now, high-quality audio product at this price.

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Payment is made as usual, and I forgot to pick up in spelunca of delivery of the goods: came, showed my passport and gave us the goods.

Still I wanted to mention is soundproofing, ie when you’re listening to, the other person will not hear what you have played, which is important when traveling in public transport.

Convenient and easily accessible button to switch playlist. You end up buying stylish, comfortable, light and quality headphones with good sound (now rare), and the mobile headset part, they contain a microphone, we can easily answer a call with one touch button on-ear headphone that’s as convenient if you go somewhere, or busy hands. If I had to advise someone, I would not have thought advised them. They liked not only my husband but our entire family. Recommend.

Driver and connection

For Windows 7 and above (8, 8.1, 10) driver is not needed. To connect to your Windows PC, turn on the computer Bluetoth:

Then select the type of device Bluetoth:

The computer is ready for synchronization. At this time long press on the headset power button (before that, they must be turned off). Hold until the led will flashing with different colors. Usually need to hold 5-10 seconds.

Windows will detect the device and begin pairing with him. Takes about 1-2 minutes, you will see the scale of progression on the screen. Sometimes after mating need to reboot the computer. All, each subsequent connection will be done automatically when you enable Bluedio T2S and Bluetooth on the computer.

The first pairing with a mobile device is about the same.

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I recommend to see a review of other headphones from Bluedio — Vinyl here.


The video is not mine. This is what I managed to find in the Internet in Russian. Again, bought these headphones here, the seller recommended!