Wireless gaming mouse with rechargeable battery VBESTLIFE dpi

After the failure of previous computer mouse, the need arose to urgently order a new one. Since I have no PC, and laptop, during her absence had to use the touchpad, which is not very comfortable and not familiar.

Last mouse was cheap and that are predictable, short-lived. So understand that you should pay attention this time on the more expensive devices.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Price
  3. Description mouse and ease of use
  4. Change DPI
  5. OS
  6. Opinion
  7. Button

Where to buy

For the first time decided to order a wireless, as a large number of wires on the table way. The choice fell on the mouse brand VBESTLIFE.

The convenience lies in the fact that it is possible to connect the USB cable directly during discharge of the mouse you are using (do not forget that the computer must be connected to the USB receiver, because without it, the mouse will not work).

And there is no need to monitor the availability of replacement batteries, which also would have expenses to produce.

The shop I chose, works for eight years, and the mouse ordered more than 450 persons, and virtually all appreciated on Aliexpress it as soon. This was the reason to order just in Buy In Coins Storeand not anywhere else. In General, ordered on Ali here.

Chose the free shipping service ePacket. All the way the parcel is tracked. Came in about a month in Ukraine, Kharkov — ordered in early July and was taken to the end of the month 30 th.

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The mouse was packaged in a cardboard box, which is a little wrinkled in transit. But the product inside is not affected, so don’t think of something terrible. The wires were placed in translucent packaging that I use for storage today.


VBESTLIFE the cost is $9.25, together with all accessories — USB receiver and USB charging cable. If you last long enough (a criticism for six months has not occurred), it will be a good investment. Moreover, as previously mentioned, you will not have to spend money each time on the batteries.

Description mouse and ease of use

Mouse VBESTLIFE available in two colors — white and black. For on and off has a switchable button modes «On» and «Off». In addition there is a mode «Light» which illuminated that changes every five seconds, the color that is comfortable in the dark.

In this model there are six buttons and one wheel, which is especially useful for gamers. But those who don’t play, you can assign each button its own function (at least, decrease and increase volume).

Attached installation guide and use of the English language. Even if you don’t own it, you can read it using translator.

Gamers still recommend to pay attention to your headset gaming Kotion G2000 and G9000 with lighting and a shotgun MIC.

600 mAh battery capacity is enough for about two days use without recharging, I use it about 10-12 hours a day.

Change DPI

Maximum resolution is 2400 dpi — dots per inch, thanks to the dpi button on the center of the mouse, you can adjust.

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Empirically found that there are three types of permissions but didn’t find the digital value of each. I personally use the second option — as for me, it is the most smooth. You can choose the one that will be comfortable and familiar to you.


In the item description on AliExpress stated that suitable versions are Windows and Mac OS. If you are a Linux user or some other system, consult with the seller if there’s a way to connect to them.

If this is not possible, you can offer help with the selection of analogues, because the seller is attentive and informed about the processing and dispatch of order.


The configuration was extremely quick and easy, didn’t even need the manual. The mouse is not too dimensional, comfortable, sits on the arm, quickly enough you get used to it.


All buttons have mouse VBESTLIFE pressed properly, nothing stuck and isn’t. Good sensitivity, if you lift the mouse the cursor will start to twitch across the screen, which happens with some other mice.

The differences in working with the rug and using it noticeable but not too significant. No pad cursor movement on the screen becomes a little sharper.

Clarify that you can order a mouse, you can Ali on this page. Even more mice from this seller is here.

I can still recommend this Doc.station for hard drives. Put hard drive HDD, even though SSD or M2 and can connect to your laptop or computer. Supports large size 2.5 and 3.5 inches.

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