Wireless gamepad iPega PG-9076

Gamepad iPega PG-9076 suitable for PC, PS3 and android OS devices. The ideal solution for those who like to play.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Equipment and design
  3. Mount for smartphone
  4. Connection: manual
  5. Opinion

Where to buy

Bought for 20$ on Aliexpress here on this page. The delivery took one month to Ryazan. Delivery by mail Russia. Chose this model, but there are many others from the same manufacturer, you can look at this link all the same for Ali.

Equipment and design


Package includes: Controller, usb cable for charging and wired connection to PC, user manual with a qr code to download a special application on a smartphone (more on this later).

The controller design is borrowed from the dualshock 4, in my opinion is the best solution.

This joystick is made from quality black plastic. Handle covered with anti-slip rubber. All parts fit tightly. Nothing is loose and doesn’t rattle.

Mount for smartphone


Fasteners for smartphone strong. Has 2 positions for fixing: ~ 100 and 120 degrees relative to the plane of the controller. Maximum diagonal size smartphone for the integrated mounting of 6 inches.

Inside, under the mount for smartphone is a bluetooth USB receiver, so that the controller can be connected to any PC without problems and dangling wires.

The pad may be used as a virtual mouse for smart TVs. I do not have that so can’t check. The smartphone picks up the joystick on the fly. Not all games from the market support the management with the gamepad, so it comes with a Chinese app — analogue playMarket’a, but all games in it support this gamepad.

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Unfortunately in the model PG-9076 no vibration.

Connection: manual

To connect to PC you need to use X360CE or similar. The program immediately recognizes the controller as isbecause joystick and immediately loads the desired work profile, 1 minute and setup is complete. Unfortunately the adjustment you need to make each individual game.


After 4 months of use, all buttons work like new, the sticks do not creak, does not rattle. The triggers is not loose like on my previous gamepads. Rubberized coating has not faded and does not become sticky. Personal feelings on the pictures on the buttons will not be erased ever, even though they are painted, not engraved. Overall, this gamepad is worth every ruble of its price.

Battery very pleased with my intensity of the game lasts for a week exactly. If you translate to watch it about 15 hours pulls easily. Fully recharged in about an hour and a half.

Now on games for smartphone. For fans oldovyh consoles is a real treasure. Shake any NES emulator. Shake full pack games from Internet (around 2000 games) and enjoy. The emulator recognises the controller without problems. Nice game

Once again, took on Aliexpress here. I can still recommend to pay attention to the real console Dandy with a bunch of preinstalled games and the original Sega Mega Drive 2. But it is for «children of the 90s», who want to play directly from the console and the TV, even on a modern LCD.