Wireless charger Raugee

This device Raugee allows you to charge the phone without using the connector. Important for children, who quickly kill the connectors. Well, or at work when you need to quickly grab the phone and run errands. And when you return, you can quickly throw a charge on.

Bought for 7.99$ on Aliexpress. Was ordered on 6 January 2019. Come February 1, 2019.

Originally worked (in fact he worked less than a month). Charges long – 12 hours instead of 2-3 on wired (but it is a feature of all wireless chargers). Very very hot when charging and the charger and the phone. So after some time melted (see attached photo).

First, only melted plastic, and the device while still running. Then melt the chips too… Hope that at least the phones were not injured.

The return, unfortunately, not possible since it took more than 15 days. And charges were taken for two…

After wrote to the seller, the ad instantly became inactive.

For other brands of similar phone charging. So this is the problem with charging from Raugee. Strongly recommend. Waste of money and considerable. It is better to take the same Aliexpress something of Baseus line on their official page. Though they are time-tested.

I can recommend the memory that is wireless for the car.

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