Wireless bluetoth headphones QCY Q29 with Aliexpress

Recently on open spaces of the website «Aliexpress» I stumbled on headphones from the company QCY model Q29. This wireless headphone (headset) with stereo sound.

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Bought in official store on Aliexpress QCY here. The seller sent me the headphones in a conventional small package, which was already individually Packed. The box is made from ordinary thin wrapping corrugations. On the box is written the company name, barcode, model, color, place and date of production.

Despite the fact that the packaging is made of cardboard of a flute, and she doesn’t look very cheap, but on the contrary, originally and individually.


Comes with the usb cord, manual, 3 pairs of ear cushions of different sizes, a small manual and a box-battery by the headset. All this Packed in individual packages.


The whole kit, except the cord is made in several shades of grey with usb cord in black.

Box-battery has a charge indicator and a matte grey transparent cover with silver lettering QCY. The headphones also have 1 indicator on each.


As all have long understood that not all products from this site are bad and these headphones are not exception of steel of good quality. News items of excellent quality. Great sound and bass. Made everything very carefully and adequately. I use them for almost 9 months and nothing was damaged, even the battery. All in perfect condition and health.


At the time of purchase product cost 1900 rubles. From the seller regular discounts, so the price varies from 1500 to 2500 rubles. The price is quite justified.
The product was from China to Perm 4 weeks. Average time of delivery of any order in this city.

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Once charged, the headphones work on average 8 hours, in addition when they are in a box-the battery, the additional fully charged. Full battery charging and headphones is about 2-2.5 hours.

When charging, each light is red and when fully charged, white.

Connection to devices is very fast, in a few seconds. Just hold down the button on each earpiece for 3 seconds and they will turn on. Then you need to enable Bluetooth on your phone or other gadget, you want to connect and within seconds you can use. To switch off, it is also necessary to hold for a few seconds the button and the headset will turn off, and pauses need to simply click on one of them.

Despite the rather bulky headphones light and even when running do not fall from the ear, you just have to choose the right nozzles from the kit to fit your ears.

To purchase, definitely recommend. Reference:


The overview videos are not mine. This is the best quality videos that I managed to find online…

Step by step instructions: