Wireless adapter Ugreen bluetooth 4.1

I thought that the Chinese have already done everything possible, when offered receivers are wireless with Bluetooth, operating on the principle of transmitting sound through an FM modulator to the receiver, but it turns out this is not enough.

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  • Overview
  • Price and where to buy
  • Personal opinion and experience
  • Video
  • Overview

    The company now offers Ugreen transmit the sound to the bluetoth device via coaxial cable or via analog cable with connector 3.5.

    What does it mean? This means that to transfer music and any other sound via bluetoth with your smartphone or tablet to devices such as…

    • Audio systems in cars that have AUX or line input of type «Tulip»;
    • Similarly with the old musical centers and home theaters that do not have their built-in Bluetooth receiver;
    • Even a simple bass amp, including the old Soviet, it is now possible to «swing» via bluetoth, thanks to Ugreen;
    • Finally, it is possible to connect a simple PC speakers wireless Bluetoth receiver and Ugreen.

    A great advantage of the model line Ugreen receivers is the presence of built-in battery, which means you do not need to feed it constantly, which is also very convenient in some cases.

    Price and where to buy

    The price at the time of this writing is around 12-15 dollars on Aliexpress. Presents receivers bluetoth in round and square variants. Here is a link to the lowest prices on Ali for such a device.

    Personal opinion and experience

    I used the receiver for about 2 weeks. If your smartphone supports Bluetoth 4.1 or 4.2, the reception normal at a distance of approximately 20 meters in open space. If your smartphone is old and supports earlier versions of Bluetooth, this distance will be twice or three less.

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    Sound is transmitted more efficiently than FM radio, which is understandable and expected.

    When it was necessary to release the charging socket of the cigarette lighter to charge the smartphone, I was able to check and work time on battery, which for this receiver was about 2 and a half hours.


    The video is not mine, but rather understand the electronics guy: