Winter red down jacket ICEbear

In the last year would often make orders on Aliexpress, buy on this trading platform variety of products. First, it is convenient from the comfort of home to choose what you need, and free shipping virtually any product to the nearest post office or even the courier on the house.

This time I decided to buy a winter jacket, found a pretty popular store and brand ICEber and began to peruse the assortment.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. The quality of the materials
  3. Video

Where to buy

Chose winter down jacket sport style red here on this page on Aliexpress because of photo buyers had a lot, the seller contact did not.

Answers to all questions found in the reviews, including on the suitable size according to my settings concerning speed of delivery as well as on the performance characteristics of the product.

Place your order on the website, paid by credit card, at the time of purchase the price of the jacket was 4508, 63 rubles (about $ 70), also had specpan Aliexpress for the amount of 118, 80 rubles, and the total down cost amount 4271,02 of the ruble.

My order was sent very quickly, almost instantly, the transport company CDEK, along the way the parcel is tracked, the delivery time was about 3 weeks down the courier brought directly to your home.

Packed the jacket was a simple e-mail in a soft package, the product itself was in a branded zip bag with the inscription ICEber. The kind of jacket high quality, factory sewing, all the locks are strong, branded, and everywhere there are labels with care instructions.

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The quality of the materials

I have a rule – all the things after purchasing I necessarily wash as you never know where and how they were stored. So after washing in the machine on the «Fluff» is absolutely nothing with jacket not happened, it is not deformed, has not lost in appearance, not faded, despite the very bright rich red color.

The jacket proved to be very practical, high collar, high-rise hood, lots of pockets.

The modern filler, the description stated COTTON is bio-fluff (polyester fiber), and this is a huge plus, it is not sinking in clumps when washing and drying, does not form stains on the surface of the product, when dry, very warm and lightweight, does not create extra volume.

The top fabric is thick, high quality, no Shine, rain drops roll off and do not leave marks on jacket. The model is suitable for high growth, all dimensions correspond to the table of the seller.

Only if someone hands full, it may seem too tight in the sleeves. The price on this down jacket in ICEbear you need to follow, as it very much fluctuates, it is now much higher, so you need to buy it in the period of holding of different stocks.

In General, the quality of down jacket can put a solid top five, definitely recommend to buy. Again, bought on the official page of the brand ICEbear on Aliexpress here. I can also recommend a women’s hat made of mink Mosnow all from the same Ali and this stylish pajamas for the winter.

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