Winter jacket for women Speed Hiker

Jacket women’s Speed Hiker with a seller is stated as a winter, but it is at minus 5 is pretty cool. Most likely this jacket for the off-season, mid-season. At least I wore in the early spring – it was comfortable.

Filler — cotton, connected to a spray, the touch is not thin. In spite of this kind of filler jacket is pretty easy, and if I didn’t know what’s filler, I thought that it would be immune.

There are 4 pockets, two exterior and two interior, for me it is convenient! Colors are available – gray, white, mint, red, black, pale pink. I took a bright red.

Dimensional grid for Speed Hiker from 44 to 50. On my 46 I ordered the XL and it fits perfectly, focused not on the size of the seller, and for reviews, as many wrote the product malomerit a couple of sizes.

The parcel ordered on 22 March, order received on 8 April. The cost of the jacket is $ 18.63, along with a delivery fee out of 20.58 $. Wrote to the seller to quickly sent, promised to send the next day. Not deceived, and made all. Standard free shipping service China Post Air Mail from this seller would take 30 days.

It was packaged in a zip bag with padlock, inside is a discount card and a rubber band as a gift. On the jacket near the zipper had a couple loose threads, but it is not critical, the zipper is sturdy, silver toggle clasp in the shape of a square. From below there are special bands in order to be able to adjust it on the figure.

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Looks great with the insulated women’s pants GareMay and such a hat from a rabbit.

After washing a little break filler, it is important to take this into account and wash with a special rubber ball is a little bit helps maintain the original shape of the jacket. Bought on Aliexpress here on this page.