Windows 10 Lite — that for an animal?

Not so long ago it became known about the simplified light version of the world famous operating system Windows 10 Lite. It would be for the beast and where will she go?

While this simplified the dozen only exists in versions of the SDK, which, in turn, is used only by software developers and not intended for a wide range of users.

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  1. Insider information
  2. «No install» — where is the comma?
  3. Video

Insider information

However, now became known some nuances thanks to preview the insiders… Here are some:

  • Super light and incredibly fast;
  • Always connected to the Internet. Apparently, for developed countries, this is how «taken for granted». We have the same difficulties may arise, not to mention different remote locations;

The main caveat:

Windows 10 Lite version is optimized for the latest mobile processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 855. Thus, we can assume that Microsoft has planned a major seizure of the mobile market, and with it the markets of tablets, ultrabooks, planetebook…

Why not? They have firmly captured the global market of personal computers. But with a portable light device yet was, to put it mildly, «not very».

«No install» — where is the comma?

Caution and attention! It is not necessary to install any version 10 Lite while its in the beta-version is not officially rolled out Microsoft…

The fact is, that according to the related Western experts and descriptions on their blogs, everything is laid out right now on the Internet is different crafts-homemade. And often, these handmade created not just. Here’s one story in my free translation from one English-speaking forum:

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First pretty pleased with high speed and a minimalist appearance. But after a little study, our team realized that this basic Win10, just cut with maximum functionality, which many consider unnecessary. Like in the pirated version of Game Edition.

In addition, there removed many effects, transitions, etc., and standard icons are replaced with more simple. Actually, everything in the interface is made FLAT in flat style. And it would seem that even this thing will be of interest to many users, right?

In this calculation. About the third day of usage, we found a strange behavior. A few began to increase the load on the equipment, and, according to information from our shared server in the organization, used as the universal firewall, the network went weird encrypted packets to some unknown servers around the world.

In General, this pirate Windows 10 Lite first seeking to please the user and please him. The main thing is to stay on the computer, and in the meantime, maybe a new user will tell their friends, colleagues and poreklamirovat for free on forums and social. networks. Like: «Look what I found! Running, flying and generally a great OS, and at the same time!».

At the same time, after a time, she gradually begins to use the resources. In what direction? It is unknown, for all is well encrypted. And the server did not understand whose, and packages are closed from prying eyes.

At best it is a massive earning cryptocurrency. What’s worse? It can be anything! From DDOS attacks on government servers, to use hackers in the dirty purposes. So, today pseudocoel installing Windows 10 Lite, be prepared for a sudden knock on the door of FBI agents.

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