Window cleaner — the robot iFreed

Purchased robot window cleaner company IFREED for 97$ on Aliexpress here on this page, the order came after 3 weeks in Ivanovo, delivered by courier to your door. The robot works flawlessly. Another name brand — TEAEGG.

The kit includes:

  • interchangeable nozzles for cleaning (microfiber),
  • a spray bottle (empty for independent set of fluid),
  • remote control (with batteries),
  • cable, insurance to avoid the possibility to break the device from accidental drops during operation,
  • wire to connect to the network 220Вт (Euro socket),
  • instruction in Russian language from which all is clear.

Window cleaner works iFreed noisy as close to the surface due to the vacuum (sucks in the air with great force).

Keeps very tight to remove from the surface being cleaned, you need to make the effort. Washes well, every place is held for 2 times on 1 side sash of the window goes from 2 to 5 minutes, depending on size.


The robot has several modes of operation – specifies the route (from top to bottom, from right to left, etc.), when the robot comes to the obstacle, it descends 10 cm and continues in the opposite direction.

The washer rests not only on the mirrors and Windows but on the tile (including porous and rough ceramic), so it all washes.

The acquisition of robot-washer iFreed extremely happy, can safely recommend. Once again, I bought on Aliexpress here. Additionally, can you recommend an inexpensive automatic vacuum cleaner floor Midea or more expensive, but the best robot vacuum iLIFE Pro V5s.


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