Wifi repeater N300 iMice

Hello, today I want to tell about your experience of using Wi-Fi repeater iMice «Wireless repeater 802.11 N/B/G» N300 — very cheap and sold on Aliexpress.

The contents

  1. What is
  2. Choice
  3. Shipping and appearance
  4. Connection
  5. Convenience and opinion
  6. Video

What is

For the reason that living space is more than 90 square meters, and has massive walls, I decided to purchase a Wi-Fi repeater to boost the signal around the apartment. Also one of the factors was that the main router is at the far end of the apartment, and I took this Wi-Fi repeater as a repeater signal, although it can be used as the main modem. Finally, it was necessary for CCTV camera with wifi.

Also, they are called «Wifi repeaters», but it’s the same, just translated from English.


Since I am with such devices I have not experienced, and didn’t know what they’re capable of and how they work, decided to start from 2 criteria. First, the price to 15 dollars, the second is a large number of orders in Aliexpress’E. Now it is sold there from$ 13 (sometimes at a discount to grab it for$ 10). Price chose this because our shops sell goods only registered brands, plus the cheat shop and then the price goes to$25.

Bought in the official manufacturer’s page here. In General, I advise to pay attention to the brand iMice. They have mice, and USB hubs, and routers, but in General much of this need for computer geeks. I consider them one of the best in this niche, if we consider the criterion of price/quality.

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Shipping and appearance

Shipping to Kazakhstan took a month, plus another week to my city of Shymkent. It was Packed well, the body has no dings, no scratches. It comes with: it is Wi-Fi repeater, wall plug for the connection (on the website you can choose European or American plugs), LAN cable for connection, and connection instruction in the English language.

Device N300 looks nice to look at, would be appropriate in any interior, there are 2 colors: White and black. On the side of the device is a reset button, connector for LAN, serial numbers, model and IP address. The back is a removable plug


I connected the wifi repeater as a repeater signal through the LAN cable (although on the Internet you can find a way to connect it through a wireless network). Insert the wifi repeater in the socket, connect it through LAN cable to the computer or laptop. Next, open any browser and in the address bar write the IP address of the repeater which is located on the side of the device.

The window in which the string username and password need to: admin; admin. Next on the first page on top click on the «Repeater» will the list of available networks, select your Wi-Fi network and click on the apply button. Everything is ready, now disconnect it from computer and put it where your main modem loses half of the signal power.

Convenience and opinion

This Wi-Fi repeater N300 has dimensions of 9 inches in length and 7.5 centimeters in width. But it sticks out from the socket 10 centimeters so to hide it behind a cupboard or behind the sofa and pressed them to the wall will not work. I am glad that he has no antennas to break off and have no children, no animals.

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Satisfied with the product and recommend it to you, it performs its functions without problems. I use it for almost six months, and only once he lost the main signal and had to reconnect. Again, bought at the official representative for Ali here.