Why not charged cash back

Cashback may not be payable in many cases and it’s not only Incorrect, but also all the shops and cashback services.

The main reasons

  • The transition of a stranger to the special links;
  • Installed ad block, AdBlock in the browser or on the computer;
  • Third party plugins and programs.

Very rare:

  • Disabled cookies in the browser.
  • Temporary glitch on Aliexpress.

Let us now examine each of these points in order, but first…

The easiest method is guaranteed to get your cashback is to shop specifically prescribed for that individual browser. Just download and install any browser that is not already on your computer, they are now very much: Opera, Mozilla, Google Chrome, Yandex Browser, Satellite, etc. this browser plugin installed for your cashback service and visit with this browser too in Aliexpress or other online stores with the cashback. Why it’s easier — you can find below.



Is one of the most common reasons for the accrual of cashback received by someone else, not the buyer.

Now a lot of different channels on YouTube raspasovschika goods, third-party sites and forums with descriptions and reviews, similar groups Vkontakte, Facebook, etc. One just does it all to create and administer will not be!

Please note the links under the video and descriptions. As a rule, they are short and represent something like this: alipromo…, … or even a shortened link through third party services.

Here is an example under this video on youtube:

And an example of the thematic group Vkontakte:

These links are also taken from the accounts, cashback services, only the accounts of the owners of groups, channels, sites, etc. Consequently, they will receive a percentage for you. Nothing criminal here, is just the Internet partnership, especially about 85% of users do not know about the possibility of a return of percent from purchases and 7-8% are aware but do not use.

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If you have already moved on such a link, you just go into your account in cash back and repeat the transition to Ali, but already with your data.

Second — the most common cause…

Ad blockers , AdBlock and the like is also likely to leave you without cashback. They just think the transitions on such links and advertising cover the possibility of the use of cookies, through which is technically further tracking of the order.

In other words, if you block ads plugin or antivirus, or other software tools, it is just technically impossible to track your purchase and credit it due.

To remedy this situation you need to disable all the blockers (test here), or used to purchase special browser, as mentioned above.


Well, the third most popular reason for not crediting the cashback is…

Installed in the browser superfluous plug-ins. As a rule, the extension to view different information sellers, shops, change prices, reviews and reviews and so on…

Have you ever wondered why such a plugin is created, advertised, updated and while they are free? Just their developers earn cashback, substituting some other data.

This is not criminal, and, as a rule, all the points spelled out in the user agreement, which must to see each setting. But who reads all of the user agreement? Especially when all the complicated technical terms and sometimes even only in English.

Often, even in a completely non-thematic extension adds this functionality. Put any toy, a phone, a whistle, a noisemaker, svetosimunska and… all, no more cashback.

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What are the ways of struggle:

  1. And again save browser specifically established for online purchases. Just don’t put it in the extensions, except one-the only — plugin cashback service;
  2. Remove from your browser all unnecessary plugins and continue to not install from unknown developers. For example, the translator from Google Translate or currency from Sberbank — please, and «download accelerator» or «youtube assistant» from some John Smith — never!

These were the most common causes of problems with receiving cashback. As you can guess, the vast majority of cases, the problem on the side of the users.


In any case, it is always easier to install on your computer special browser that will be used only for online shopping and the entrance to the accounts of the stores.

As your main browser, you can continue to use all other the Internet, including go on the short affiliate links, set extensions, helpers etc., it will not be important.

Disabled cookies and crashing on Aliexpress is generally a rare occasions, as when disabled cookies there is a problem with the work authorization and on many websites on the Internet. And the last crashing on Ali was on black Friday, global sales 11.11.2016, when heated by the low prices and long waiting buyers just discounts everything «demolished» from the virtual shelves and their servers simply could not withstand the load. However, they are counted and accrued for the subsequent weeks.

There is a sad case, when users log in to the cashback one-day, where they just cheat, so always choose a reliable official representatives.

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