White summer dress with flowers

Hello, sorry it took so long to write. Going to write about the wonderful summer mini dress for women. Bought relatively recently, a week ago, with the aim of gift on the eighth of March my sister, here on Aliexpress.

This dress I liked for its soft and really nice fabric. Is suitable specially for the summer as it is thin. The fabric depicts beautiful patterns of flowers, has a beautiful round neckline.

The contents

  1. Appearance and dimensions
  2. Quality and compliance photos
  3. Conclusion

Appearance and dimensions

I want to note that the patterns located in the right proportion, that is, they are not symmetrical, and they are located in random «randomly» order. And as for my taste, makes the dress «alive» and enjoyable.

Material: linen, cotton. I took size M, fits for the parameters: EXHAUST (bust) — 90cm (waist) — 71cm, ABOUT (hips) — 100cm. Sitting freely.

Quality and compliance photos

When choosing this or similar garment on Ali need to be careful as many sellers put very beautiful pictures, however, send quite ugly, not like in the pictures. The fabric is horrible, the color of a completely different hue and many other reasons. So before purchase I advise you to read the reviews left by people or Aliexpress who have already purchased this product, or read online

But in our case, the dress came perfect, I am not afraid of this expression, exactly as in the picture.

Rode the parcel is relatively long, about two and a half weeks. Again, it is a summer version, so it is advisable to book closer to the summer.

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However, as the first time I bought clothes in the store, I decided to order it, you never know, there are some problems coming with such bad material and other reasons.

The seller sells two colors: white and pink. White, to me, more beautiful, and it is, to my surprise, cheaper. White is original price 24$, and in honor of the eighth of March, AliExpress is doing a discount, and the cost of the dress 14$, which is approximately 1000. And pink is$ 27, and in honor of the eighth of March is 16$ — 1200 rubles.

If you search, it is from this seller there are many different types, you can view all of them here at this link.


To summarize:

The product is really great. But only suitable for summer, as in the rest of the year it will go cold. The fabric is really soft, pleasant to the touch. I recommend to all girls. Because, for me, it will sochitaetsya with any images. Dress «mini skirt» — wonderful!

I can still recommend for him to complete a straw hat with a ribbon and a handbag made of natural rattan.