What is Reviser?

Real revisory are becoming more popular day by day. What is the reason for their popularity?

Perhaps in appearance or usability? Let’s deal…

But first, here’s the link to this product on Aliexpress:

For some reason the Chinese are Ali defined in the section of toys and Hobbies. Well…

I found out about reviser not so long ago, maybe half a year ago. It turns out that the thing is almost completely unknown in Russia and the CIS countries.

They are released in different form factors, but the most popular is round, resembling a drive on your old phone or spinner. But it’s better than just a spinner!

There are metal, plastic, wood and even glass! They exist and gyroscopes inside, and with the Accel Super Sceed or Boost Speed.

Apart from the particularly beautiful revizorov can be considered with the LEDs at maximum speed and under the action of a built-in gyro is really like a miracle!

One has only to wait for them to appear in our markets. It will be a real splash! And now the owner of these devices look like real people from the future. The time will come and they will sell 10 times more expensive on a bunch of Russian stores.

And here you can watch ALL the REVIEWS with photos and videos.

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