What is Nyship?

Hi. If You come to this site, perhaps you’re wondering about what Nysep, right?

Before giving a complete answer to this question, a little history…

The history of creation

Someone thinks that it was created in Japan, Korea or China, that is in Asia, where cook meatballs for soups and sushi, it was a classic kitchen.

Others think that Newsip invented in the West to provide them with fast food shops to regular meatballs.

In any case, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, more specific information is not in Wikipedia or in books. Nowhere it is not.

Where to buy

You can buy the same Aliexpress. There it is often referred to as Newsip, you can use search or here’s a direct link. By the way, if you use a cashback EPN, you can still help save.

In shops of Russia, Ukraine and CIS countries, I never met the guy. If you have seen — please write in the comments below on this page.

PS And especially gay people believe that the word NISIP you just need to spell Vice versa)) But let’s leave it already on their conscience…

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