Welding mask DEKO

Welding mask brand DEKO at affordable price. At the time of purchase on Aliexpress mask cost 15.96$. Link to the product here. Came for 23 days in Belarus. Minus this purchase only one bad pack. Only came in the package, no box, no film. Weight 505 g

The contents

  1. Features
  2. Glass and settings
  3. Video


The mask of high-strength fire-resistant plastic. Protective filter high definition (tested in the light), when welding all clearly visible. After work eyes do not hurt is the most important thing. Time sensitivity and delay can be adjusted, which is very convenient. You can choose the welding mode.

Glass and settings

Three safety glass that provide protection from ultraviolet radiation. The mask is easy, the design is not catchy, simple. Adjustable girth holder that provides comfort and head does not get tired. Easy to use. Great for welding and grinding.


  • The color is black.
  • Fully automatic on/off.
  • From dark to light switches with a control variable adjustment, switch fast. Sensitivity (low-high), is controlled by the same controller.
  • Runs on solar battery.
  • Window 92мм*35mm

Conclusion: the Mask is good. Performs its functions perfectly and quickly. Take on Aliexpress, you will not regret.


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