Waterproof smart bracelet Onleny Q8

Smart bracelet Q8 brand Onleny a godsend for people who appreciate good quality but are not willing to pay good money for it. Probably, but I decided not to buy them on aliexpress, if not a brother, who ordered the exact same watch for six months before. He was very happy with them.

That bribed me the most about them is the water resistance. Since I am an avid swimmer. He bought them for 1200 with a good discount, I wasn’t so lucky, I bought the device for 1800 rubles. But it is still several times less than I bought them at an electronics store within walking distance. Bought here from this seller on Aliexpress.

And if you take the waterproof watches, then we would have to give more. The display on the clock is enabled, if you just rotate the arm to the face. Shows the time, date, whether bluetooth and charging. Syncs well with the iPhone , no complaints.

The program is also installed without problems, but I don’t use it practically. I somehow grabs the data I get from the bracelet. And they have an awesome feature that I didn’t know, but I really liked it.

Since I have a small child, by the way also has a baby watch Q50 c GPS, very often my phone is on bessonnica. And when the watch is connected via bluetooth system with the phone notification of all messages and the most important thing about the calls is forwarded to the bracelet. It vibrates and shows on the screen, for example, who is now trying to reach me. Of course, on call hours do not answer, but the message to read, if they are not to big.

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One of the advantages of smart bracelet Onleny Q8 can be identified :

  • Many functions;
  • Pulse and pressure determines correctly;
  • The pedometer also works well. Many watches have winding steps, this shows all right. My husband even checked, all is well;
  • Shows the distance traveled is also true;
  • Keep charging. The brother said that he holds charge for 2-3 days. I appeal to charging every five days.
  • a great feature of the sport. Click on it for a long time and choose running, swimming, tennis or baminton. Used only by functions running and swimming. Show the time and distance run/race. Like all too true;
  • they are water resistant. Checked not once!!!!

Among the shortcomings can be noted only strap. Tell me, why do the reverse of the strap is red and front is black with red spots??? It would be better to do the normal red strap, like all famous Xiaomi Mi Band, there would have been more beautiful.

And it so happened (probably because of the peculiarities of my wrist) strap or dangling loose or tightens and it is the imprint. But I hadn’t hard, just strange.

Smart bracelet Onleny Q8 came in three weeks parcel post. The watch was Packed in bubble wrap. Box was not dented. Includes two charging, why is not clear. Maybe the seller cares about their customers because charging is unusual, and if you lose it, it’s going to be very difficult. Replacement strap was not included, but I wanted, as I’ve heard that these are very quickly torn. Let’s wait and see.

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Just specify the instruction in the Russian language does not know, I immediately threw the box and manual, as my brother already has shown and if even if there were questions, I turned to him.

In General I put the device excellent, chose between them and Excelvan, chose these. I recommend to everyone! And now my husband wants a Colmi GT08, but they are just socks, not for swimming.

Who wants such in the search engine enter the smart watch Q8 Onlenly, as the site of many of the same design and functions of hours, but other firms. Should choose just the seller. I bought the Manager who had sold most of these smart watches here.