Watercolor «White nights»: 12, 36 and 24 colors

Today I would like to do a review on watercolor famous firm «White nights».

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Quality
  3. Criteria
  4. Color
  5. Miscibility
  6. Vigorelli
  7. Conclusion

Where to buy

When I specifically ordered them to remember, unfortunately, I can’t, but it was somewhere in the middle of winter. The delivery lasted about a month, give or take a week, which I think is perfectly acceptable.

The cost of this paint on Aliexpress rose slightly since the date of my order, I bought them for 45-47 dollars according to the exchange rate of my country. Took here on this page Ali.

I bought a set in 24 colors and it’ll be doing a review.


The first thing I would like to say that this was my first professional watercolor paint, but… the big difference between baby honey watercolor and morozhennym «White nights» I had not noticed.

In all reviews I watched before buying was said about the incredible difference between these types of watercolors, but if I got a good honey watercolor, then I don’t understand something.


So, let’s begin. In this review I propose to consider the following criteria for selecting watercolors:

  • Texture,
  • Color
  • Miscibility (the ability of different colors to a harmonious blending),
  • How well the paint goes on the paper
  • Vigorelli (fade if the paint on the sun and what colors are more prone to this),
  • Some of the standard effects that watercolour can be made with paints «White nights» (comparison with a children’s watercolor honey).

First thing always notice in the reviews is watercolor texture. It is very important for drawing and should (preferably, if you want to get a qualitative picture) to match at least the average level.

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Texture watercolor «White nights» surprised me a little. In my opinion, the paint is ordinary, no different from the others I noticed. Water contact well, color is not bubbling, not swimming spots and behave quite normally. The only thing I noticed: the small expense.

Paint is expensive and it has more pigment and, therefore, consumption will be less. But, for me, it’s not much help if you want to save: the average price for two packages of honey watercolor will cost you several times cheaper than one box of «White nights».


Go ahead, color.

The brightness of this watercolor is also slightly exceeds the nursery for now. Colors are certainly bright, but if you did not look, could easily be mistaken for honey.

About the variety of colors in the package say do not see the point: my honey watercolor consists of 18 colors, «White nights», as I wrote, I have 24 colors. However, I would like to say that even from 18 colors of honey I used barely half.

No, other colors, of course, used, but in so far as: not for each pattern can be used, for example, flower-pink or turquoise. So order large sets of 36 colors I don’t see the point, the fan is quite enough and 24.


Well, I can say little. Comparing, again, with the usual honey watercolor, Miscibility «White nights» remains at the level. No more, no less, conventional paint type watercolour.

The degree of overlap of the pigment on the paper in the first place, of course, depends on the grit of the paper and its quality, but if to be based on fine-grained paper for watercolor, the color overlay is good. Comparing with the honey colour: the usual.

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Honestly, this experience I conducted specifically for watercolors «White nights», so to compare with honey paint I can’t: weather is not permitting. I have found that whoremaster such colors as red, green and blue is far superior to other colors.

And I’m not talking about black and other dark shades of the same pink or orange, I was burnt out less, although all were in equal conditions: all colors were on one sheet. My expectations were of course higher, it seemed to me that paint with such a price tag was supposed to be better.


Summary: don’t keep watercolors in the sun, you should not rely only on what paint is expensive and, in theory, quality.

And last, as a bonus or an interesting fact. I again conducted a comparison between children’s watercolor and professional.

Summary I was not surprised: the difference between «subjects» is minimal. All the effects that I spent on honey watercolors with the same success can be carried out with the professional result is the same, it is regrettable.

Again, bought on Aliexpress here at this direct link. I also recommend the markers for sketching TOUCH NEW and painting by numbers on canvas and frame.