Watercolor pencils Deli

Watercolor pencils Water Color Pencils Chinese brand Deli with Aliexpress inexpensive in cost. For a set of 36 colours in cardboard box here on this page I paid 14.6 $ (940 rubles), that is, one pencil only costs 26 rubles.

Pay 300 rubles for metal packaging makes no sense. Free shipping took about 2 weeks to post offices.

What about the pencils? They look nice and even encouraging.

The contents

  1. Quality
  2. Color
  3. Conclusion


But when used immediately will start some problems. The case is made from bad quality wood and therefore sharpen in a regular sharpener is very difficult and in some places it is cracking, so it is preferable to sharpen manually with a knife.

Stylus at work constantly breaking down and with such characteristics it for a long time is not enough.

When dying flowers immediately evident that most of them are not opaque in the dry state. The coating lies with bald spots and does not cover dark paper.

The right part of each color I wet brush. The idea of watercolor pencils should become brighter when wet, and the color should bear more evenly, but not all flowers this is happening. Some of the shades and is not washed away upon contact with water.


For myself I can say that I missed the blue shades, and yellow put too much.

Palette Deli is not so easy to work with and you have to use additional colors other pencils that would fully complete the work.

Also included is a gold and silver color. But the gold color is olive with a small amount of sequin and silver and not just grey. Benefit from them no.

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A white pencil is also not pleased. It does not cover dark paper and use a blender to mix colors, although with this job it fails.

Layered color on top of each other bad, though not with all shades.

More than 2 layers of Deli definitely do not stand up and when you want to blur water color just to get dirty. I also tried to draw over the pencil blurred after drying, but it’s also useless.


With all the disadvantages of these pencils, you can work with them. Although it is difficult and if it’s worth your effort? If you have a limited budget and you want to try watercolor pencils, these would not advise. It is better to use them as ordinary pencils.

Bought a set Deli on Aliexpress here.

Can still advise markers-markers TouchFive and a set of alcohol markers — 80 pieces.