Watercolor markers — 20 colours

Bought watercolor markers Watercolor Brush Pen 20 colors almost a year ago for 19 $. Took on Aliexpress here. Their second name — «Art markers».

The seller sent the item within three days of delivery and I chose standard mail in Sverdlovsk oblast. Order received in 3 weeks. All markers come complete, writing clearly.

The seller in the package as a gift and put a brush filled with water. Very convenient. In functionality it’s almost watercolor paint, these markers-brush.

The colors are beautiful, saturated, between a mixed, well-eroded, thereby regulates the degree of saturation. The lines are thin and wide, but soft. Ie where a clear line, it is better to use something else.

In my opinion, this is a very good tool for artists, illustrators, sketchist, and just for those who love to draw. The set is Packed in a plastic tablet with buttons, are stored in it.

When painting, don’t need much space, additional tools, like a glass of water or stand for brushes, so working these markers can be anywhere.

Again, bought this set on Aliexpress on this page. And there’s a large selection in the section on this link. Well, if you want to feel like a real artist even without special knowledge and training, I suggest you look to the option of painting by numbers. There are already in the kit need paint and canvas rooms.

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