Watches men brand Curren

Watch is great, comfortable, first time to get used to them, because they are ticking quite loud, perhaps due to the thin and fragile glass, and sleep in the same room with them is all but impossible.

A good solution if you want to buy this accessory, it is ideally combined with any kind of clothing. Plus much, but if you need a durable and waterproof watch is not about them. Bought on Aliexpress here, on the official website of the brand Curren.

Glass is easily scratched, and therefore breaks too. Absolutely unstable to water, the maximum they can in the rain and the snow to go, but hand wash is not desirable, because in addition to getting water under the glass, rust alloy made of «strap».

If you want something better and are willing to pay quite a bit more, pay attention to the brand Lige or men’s watches Men Relogio. And if you prefer something original at all, here’s a review on wooden BoboBird.

Closed OK, the battery has never changed for 10 months and working perfectly. I was quite happy, it is a pity that for such money it is impossible to make a quality metal waterproof, sturdy glass.

At the time of purchase the watch is worth 600-650 rubles — 100% original from the official on Aliexpress, at the same time they cost about 800 rubles. Tula region to delivery was 17 days, no gifts with them was not, just a bag with the watch.

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