Watch Naviforce NF9061M — brutal and sports for real men

Despite the fact that in the age of modern technology the demand for watches has declined, they still remain the most stylish accessory of the person, allowing to live in real time. In anticipation of the holidays I wanted to surprise my husband decided to replace his old watch for a new one. Their choice I reacted responsibly.

Before buying, I carefully studied the catalog «Men’s watches» of the website Aliexpress and the reviews submitted by buyers. Frankly, the last choice is between this model of wooden clocks Bobo Bird and here these because of their special form.

After all this, my eyes settled on the Japanese firm NAVIFORCE, namely model NF9061M. After receiving them, my husband and I are a bit disappointed, because their brutal, sporty, slightly aggressive appearance has fascinated us with its splendor.

As to the purchase itself, the following should be noted. As soon as the goods have been paid, the seller sent it to me the next day, writing about it in the message along with the track number to track. In debate with the seller, I did not, either before payment or after. The parcel tracked all the way until receipt at the post office. The delivery time was 25 days in Belarus in Brest. At the time of payment men’s watch NaviForce cost to 16.99 $, ordered from an authorized representative of the manufacturer here.

Watch they came together with company logo, Packed in the original box, which is not ashamed to present as a gift. The box itself was Packed in several layers of bubble film, and the top was oil-cloth envelope.

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NaviForce men’s watch from Aliexpress on the page from a Chinese seller available in four different colors. However, my choice fell on black with red needles.

With regard to the characteristics of the watch, this watch with quartz movement. They are made very carefully in stainless steel. The case diameter is 46 mm, case thickness is 13 mm.

The round dial, convex and tiered shape, with a thickness of 12 mm, are placed the numbers from 1 to 12 red three hands (hour, minute and seconds) and calendar – days of the week in English and their dates. Adjustment is made using the handle located on the side. Also with this knob you set the time.

All switches smoothly and evenly. Besides, this dial bears applied the company name and its logo, and the bottom the indication «water resistant 30 m», which indicates a water resistance up to the depth 30 m.

This feature we have not tested, but with confidence I can say that after you wash your hands with them, nothing happens. In addition, the characteristic of the goods indicated that the watch is shockproof. As they are strong, it, unfortunately, I was unable to determine, but a fall from five feet they tolerate well.

Strap, with a length of 128 mm and width 24 mm, black with red thread, which blend well with the red numbers of the clock. Although the page indicated that the strap is leather, in fact it was made of PU leather, which is a bit upsetting.

But given their cost, this was to be expected. After five months of their daily socks it should be noted that the strap is almost not deformed. The paint is not peeled, do not hesitated, just at the attachment appeared shallow dents. The strap is removable and easily replaceable. The strap latch metal black.

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The watch NF9061M heavy. Their weight is about 70 grams.

Included with them was the battery, which was immediately installed.

After purchase it has been exactly five months. During this time the clock didn’t disappoint myself. They are right, not being late and slowly. The dial is not scratched at all despite the fact that her husband wears them, not very carefully. Changing the battery hasn’t been done yet.

My purchase I am very happy, this is exactly what I was looking for. Affordable price plus a rich appearance in the style of «military» the best gift to the stronger sex.