Watch mens Skmei Relogio Masculino

Already very long ago my husband watched a sports version watches. As the budget was more than modest, I decided to try my luck on Aliexpress.

From a great variety of proposals have stayed at Skmei Relogio Masculino black color with dual display, full calendar, alarm clock, backlight, waterproof. I think for 7.99$, is quite suitable watch.

Was taken here. There is also a lot of variations in color and appearance. If you use cashback from EPN, you can still save some dollar.

The order issued on August 31. To Slavyansk (Ukraine) the parcel was 35 days. The order was tracked all the time, not yet arrived in the destination country.

It was Packed in two layers bubble film and standard yellow envelope, because there were no mechanical damage. The color and appearance fully comply with the order. That looks pretty decent.

Set up easily without problems. Very comfortable in the dark thanks to the backlight and svetonakopitelnye on the hands and dial.

In two months of daily use behave well, work flawlessly, however serious the crash tests are not satisfied, hangs out the window was thrown out and not cooked=)

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