Watch MEGALITH — do not buy!

Gift for husband on new year ordered the men’s wrist watch from Aliexpress here on this official website manufacturer. I liked a watch on the MEGALITH.

We have in store watch this this quality are much more expensive. The clock at the time the order was worth 1 458 rubles. The description of the price-quality ratio was on the level.

I drew the shape, form, stopwatch, chronometer, date not fake. Link to watch 1 391,25 RUB though, that free delivery, watch arrived by courier two weeks.

When delivered by courier, I think packaging doesn’t matter.

Watch MEGALITH was lying in a tight package instead of carton case (I had lost), the material is like felt and cloth to wipe the glass dial.

Damage was not. The seller claimed the watch strap like leather but is not leather. For the same amount to wait the skin is not necessary.

The strap is glossy, the edges are stitched, the stitching smooth. On the back side of the strap and casing brand name. Looks watch worthy. On his birthday, well suited to almost any outfit.

The strap does not RUB the skin. My husband said the hand felt. Color black, hands and improvised figures — gold. My husband liked this combination of colors.

On the arrows MEGALITH applied phosphorus, which allows them to glow in the dark. Watch quartz . All hands working, go right. Date switches.

During the work of the complaints to the clock there. The glass on the clock is not scratched.

As for the quality of the strap, it leaves much to be desired. After three day of wear, the strap began to crack and peel. Had to open a dispute. The seller admitted guilt and returned some amount. That is why I do not recommend buying this brand on Aliexpress, it is better to look at reviews on other options. But this model took here.

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