Watch for sports Diggro DI10 Smart Sports Watch

Any self-respecting athlete on his left hand is either a fitness bracelet or smart watch.

First worn continuously, the second (bracelets) dress casually during training, and then just change to the more familiar mechanical clock, which is very inconvenient.

Speaking at a forum of athletes, I somehow got to the topic where we discussed various options and models of these devices. Their pros and cons. And there I was interested in the recommendation of one guy to pay attention to the range of hours for me unknown company Digger.

As it turned out, everything in the world the firm is fairly well known. And lo! I found the most suitable variant is a model DI10 Diggro Smart Sports Watch.

Why I believe the best option?

  1. Design. They are very reminiscent of the world famous GShock, only are much cheaper, and the functions they have will be more. Come in two options: khaki and black:
  2. Mechanics. This is a classic mechanical watch arrow, but they also built the fitness tracker. Front large arrows that are clearly visible day and night, and for them is a liquid crystal display with the second electronic clock, calendar, information on alarms, calls on the phone, SMS and other things, just below the still figure it out. And these two things: a mechanical watch and an electronic fitness bracelet is not in any way linked, except the finding in one case.
  3. They have no charge. At all. The unit is fully powered by ordinary batteries-tablets that you can buy anywhere for 100-200 rubles. The manufacturer promises a whole year on one battery. I can’t promise that, but here already half a year I work more on native factory, and until the signal on the screen about the need to change has not appeared.
  4. Bracelet Digger of some alloy, on which I’m not too knowledgeable in theory. But in practice, we have a convenient soft plastics like soft-plastics, but it kind of stretches like rubber and is very durable. Personally, I cling to them so that «Mama do not cry». And the bracelet held, and the body clock itself was not damaged, except for one abrasion that we need to look at under a magnifying glass.
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Diggro DI10 Smart Sports Watch connects to your smartphone via Bluetoth and is able to inform you about calls, SMS and messages in Skype, FB, Line etc. the messages are configured in a special application:

What really is missing is the built-in vibration.

By the way, the app is called SPORTS+, it is completely Russified and is normally quite easy to use. Is for Android and Apple iOS/

You can directly view all your results from training during the month on the chart that very convenient to understand that there is a progress or regress:

In General, this model of smart watches Digger most men. The large size (not for fine pens and certainly not for girls), a powerful metal plate, the awe-inspiring size of the bolts. I have the feeling that Di10 is a special model for the military.

With the battery in Digger think the solution to what’s huge! Why put such products on the lithium batteries that must be charged and they continue to fall so that in a year or two, the device will not hold the half of the initial capacity?

Easier to change a regular battery and all. They are inexpensive, easy to change. With this approach, the hours of Diggro DI10 do not expire, they can be used for many, many years while the sport will not cease to do 🤣😜👌. Even though in this case they’ll just remain a normal fur.clock.

By the way, mechanical watches are driven to all the familiar mechanism with a wheel on the right. In the same way and exposed the right time.

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Another interesting option: they are the same two watches at once: mechanics and electronics. They can be put on different time zones. When it’s convenient? For example, I went on vacation to Thailand, put on stage local time, and electronic may show the time at Home. And so easy to navigate.

Information about miles and steps you can get from their own screen, the use of smartphone is not necessary but there is, of course, easier and clearer all the graphs.

Naturally, water resistance IP 68 dip to 50 m. depth. So feel free with them swimming in the pool and the sea to wash in bath or shower.

In General, I recommend to purchase and use athletes. I took on Giresta in China at this link.