Today there is no need to buy expensive Rolex or Citizen to be different «in the crowd». Wrist watches very decent quality produced in China and sold through Aliexpress around the world.

And what is very important: there are really a lot of them and everyone will find a watch to his liking: men’s or women’s, wrist or on a chain, digital or mechanical.

Apart here are smart watches and smart bracelets with different parameters, capable in addition to the time to show the pulse, pressure, humidity, record the parameters of the heartbeat, then to graph on another device to show the dynamics of changes. Usually, they have Bluetooth and are waterproof. However, there are those who will be able to call, go online or conduct surveillance by GPS.

On our website, Limpopo you will find many serious reviews and reviews about the most different watches from Aliexpress. Naturally, all of them are written by real buyers who have been using these style attributes for a long time.

Here are the reviews of what watches are presented here:

Men’s wrist;
Wrist watches women;
Wall-mounted, cuckoo, with screen, car;
Children with or without GPS;
Fitness watches and bracelets with heartbeat parameters;
(!) Sand decorative, chess and many others…
Features of such reviews on our website is that they are all bought on Aliexpress in China. The authors without further ADO talk about all the pros and cons of their watches.

Live with the times!