Warm fashionable hat made of mink, with two layers of knitwear and tips for using

My first purchase on Aliexpress has become a cap of knitted mink. Mink I chose gray. Mink grey color usually called blue mink. This color is perfect under my sheepskin coat.

The contents

  1. The selection and purchase
  2. The receipt in the mail and first impressions
  3. Opinion

The selection and purchase

Upon learning of a relative, often making purchases on this website information about disputes and refund — I took the risk to register on Aliexpress, putting the English-language version of its home address.

Then I was in for a surprise: for the registration on the website customers a discount on your first purchase in the amount of four dollars. This amount allowed me to circumvent the cheapest option mink hats, usually involving black and brown, as well as a mix of multi-colored fur pieces.

Thanks to the «gift» of the site, I was able to stop the choice on the gray color. Contact the seller, said the presence and the exact size I’m interested in headgear. Bought here.

A few days I used to study reviews of shoppers of hats offered by different sellers. To be honest, the reviews were laudatory and negative. From the comments ladies, who received their caps, I learned the following information:

  • cap is delivered within two weeks;
  • fur knitted mink can be rare, with bald spots, however it is possible and good quality products;
  • inside the cap is a two-ply knit, which is a resident of Siberia believe very thin.

Studying the proposals of the many online shopping platform Aliexpress, I remembered well the advice of a relative, so carefully read the description of the goods, paying attention to characteristics. Thus, in certain fur products valid combinations of artificial and natural fur. I was looking for only natural.

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Unfortunately for my chosen cap, the buyers were absent. But grey was for me the determining factor, so I decided to order and pay for your purchase.

The receipt in the mail and first impressions

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The order was exactly two weeks. After this time, I got a call from the post office and was invited to receive the package. An employee of the post office had no idea about its contents. I was very curious to see what it is. So together we opened the parcel directly to the Department.

Our delight knew no bounds. The lady with the mail also came up with the idea of buying a mink hats, but after hearing the price in dollars and domestic currency, visibly disappointed.

I came home, put his purchase on his head, and as advised by other customers hats, dusted it with hot air from a hair dryer. The result was just amazing: flattened villi, under the action of heat, straightened and leveled.

Holes without pieces of mink fur on the hat was not there. And if they were, it would be possible to open dispute on Aliexpress and get the money back, leaving the goods at home. Internal double layer knit, elastic bound English, was very warm and thick, causing the product acquired a additional volume. In fact, the cap turned out to be a three-layer – layer of mink fur and two layers of knit.


The product sent to me by a Chinese seller, was very fashionable, beautiful and warm, the knit is of good quality, without delay. I wear this hat in cold weather -17 degrees, with great pleasure.

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Those who want to buy a similar headdress, give one piece of advice: choose a hat that cost twenty dollars and above. Since, the cheaper the purchase the more likely to get a low-quality fur.

PS once again, I bought the goods here.