Warm baby suit KEAIYOUHUO

In the vast «AliExpress» I found this wonderful suit. Placed an order and eagerly awaited the parcel.

Item received exactly a month (Kaliningrad) and even a little upset. On the sleeve were two small holes. I contacted the seller and he did me a good discount.

I was going to sew on this place a patch, but in the end, I them so skillfully stitched that has become almost not noticeable. I like this suit cost quite cheap, was 2 coupons plus cash back for the marriage.

And its price is currently about 1600 rubles. Links to the store unfortunately, but there are exactly the same costume from another seller firms KEAIYOUHUO, I took here Ali.

Despite the fact that the product came with a flaw, I liked it.

The contents

  1. Appearance and quality
  2. Dimensions
  3. Opinion

Appearance and quality

Top dress — cotton Jersey, inside of pants and jacket — white fur, soft to the touch and does not «climb». I didn’t expect and was even pleasantly surprised at how much thick fur of the suit.

Neatly sewn, thread does not stick out, of course some where the lines are crooked, but not critical. After washing, do not shed, the spool yet, though wore a dozen times and washed three times.

The color chosen is blue, not such easily soiled. The jacket fastens with a zipper with plastic teeth «slider» goes easily, there is protection, in order not to pinch the neck of the child.

Front Welt pockets with leaves, the little embroidery of a bear. The sleeve cuffs are made of knitted elastic and quite tight.

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The bottom kurteshi decorated exactly the same color elastic band at the top of the suit. The beauty of this kit is the hood.

Due vtechenii fur ears, the suit looks interesting, but the kid is cute. On the pants on the bottom and on top of the usual elastic band and knitted for beauty. «The Pope» applique bear faces, but with the ears of the main fabric.


I took this suit with a margin of two years on tag set size 90.

Maybe someone will be useful to my measurements : sleeve length with cuff from neck — 40 cm, jacket length — 36 cm, width 35 cm, pant length on the outer side 52 cm, inside — 31 cm, elastic — 21 cm


Walking the baby in it in spring and autumn, and even next year at the time it will be.

You can wear the pants and jacket separately. The suit is very warm and beautiful. The child looks very cute.

Among the shortcomings : open neck and slipping the hood, but if you tie a scarf and wear a hat, can be worn without problems. I think that suits perfectly with the M. Michie shoes or warm winter boots OrangeMom.

I wish the jacket was longer (squatting laid bare a little back), but then will not be visible to applications. R

escoda nice, the color is trendy. For walks not in rainy weather, is in a wheelchair. Again, took on Aliexpress on this page.