Wansenda flash drive with USB 3.0 and OTG

Ordered a USB flash drive Wansenda at the end of February on Aliexpress here on this pagecame at the end of March by regular mail to Moldova (that is, the delivery took less than a month).

The seller sent the package almost 20 hours after ordering. In the end it was with shipping $ 7 for a flash drive 32 GB (actual size, by the way, 29,2 GB, but it’s probably because of the pre-installed software).

Drive Wansenda was in an additional package, so the package came intact, no external damage was found.

Very convenient that you can connect to a smartphone via microUSB, and simply — OTG connector, without any adapters: simply inserted in the socket and immediately transferred the file through the Manager.

Write speed — 20 Mbps via OTG and USB 3.0, so the files are transferred quickly and without damage.

Also now no need to deal with extra wires when transferring files from phone to computer – you can just connect a flash drive to a smartphone to record some videos or to throw the necessary files, then directly connected to the computer and to work there.

You can still use the cameras, tape recorders and so on (he often use in the car).

By the way, is still very easy to remove videos immediately on the stick, especially when mobile seats are already almost there. You can also download it on any movie, series or just music and then just play back via the phone on the road (handy this feature is when traveling to relatives in another city).

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Immediately is to say that the flash drive Wansenda is only compatible with Android, since iPhone is completely different connector and not microUSB. To Windows Phone also does not fit, he simply does not see.

As for the stick, then its body is quite sturdy, made of metal and plastic. Bright color, I chose green (was still red, black, purple, white and blue). Again, bought on Aliexpress here is a direct link.

Else can you recommend an external SSD disk drive, KingSpec Z3 USB Type-C and Xiaomi MI Powerbank for charging gadgets anywhere.