Waffle iron DMWD for Hong Kong waffles

I think that those who feel a passion for cooking and creativity, will agree with me: sometimes you want something unusual, new and interesting. Of course, the classic soup — also good, but sometimes the heart requires creativity.

So I requested, and I discovered for myself the so-called «Hong Kong waffle». Ask — this is a very beautiful and unusual. Well, to be able to cook the same, I decided to buy a special charm for waffle maker Hong Kong waffle (plain not do). Of course, on Aliexpress, here is the link where I took.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Appearance and quality
  3. Handle, the sash and the inner nonstick surface
  4. In the work and how to bake
  5. Opinion
  6. Video

Where to buy

As always, pay attention to the rating of the store is slightly less than 100%, a few years on the market. The number of orders and evaluation of buyers also inspire confidence. And the price is very attractive, especially in comparison with some other sellers or shops outside of the area Aliexpress.

Relatively fast shipping from Moscow, about a month. Packaging is quite decent: carton and bubble film on top. Everything arrived in one piece, without damage.

Appearance and quality

What can you say about the appearance. The inner part has no complaints. Well, part of the exterior I can not approve of. Store the waffle iron in a prominent place there is no special desire. Actually, the photo shows why. I wish the manufacturer once decided the matter, closed back wall with some plates to make waffle iron looked decent from all sides.

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I understand that initially these machines were intended for electrical installations, and there is this external defect would be of no value. But I, like other buyers, aim to purchase a waffle iron for gas or electric cooker. Purely visually, the waffle iron on the outside, of course, loses. Although the quality of work is not affected, I want to emphasize.

In size it is certainly very decent. Not to say that I find it hard to hold and carry, but weight is sensitive (despite the fact that it is made of aluminum alloy). The handle is quite comfortable, despite the fact that it is, in fact, just 2 of polished wood. I wish they were coated with protective varnish, but alas…

Handle, the sash and the inner nonstick surface

Handles are mounted on the conventional bolt. Not to say that is very reliable. No, when they spin, the first time everything is kept perfectly.

But by the middle of baking a usual dose of the test handles start to wobble. You have to tweak them again. Will be forced either to find other bolts, or something else.

Don’t know if I was not lucky one, or is the norm, but for some reason my box didn’t have the fasteners for the flaps. That is, the bolt that needs to fix and connect the two halves of the waffle iron.

The first time I had to improvise: I used the wand for sushi (it looked funny). And later just did not record the details. In short, here I am to praise the vendor can not and do not want.

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What else is important for this, and indeed for any waffle maker? Of course, the inner surface. Here it is non-stick. It is very convenient, no wafer was not disobedient to get out of the waffle iron.

Enough to coat the surface with oil and all is, pardon the tautology, like clockwork. Besides, the non-stick coating of excellent quality. Not that I’m afraid once again not that brush, and just nail damage — no, it’s pretty solid, «serious», so to speak. The manufacturer claims that the three-layer coating. Obviously, that is not lying.

In the work and how to bake

The inner part is arranged so that I have not once the dough has not left the waffle iron. Of course, you need to be accustomed to pour the right amount of dough. But the waffle iron is arranged in this regard is very convenient.

To clean well the usual mild detergent and non abrasive sponge.

The heating is uniform, all perfectly baked through, the color of the waffles is even, which can not but rejoice. And this is assuming that I use a gas stove without a flame spreader. Not every electric waffle maker can boast. In General, praise and again praise for this thing manufacturer.

By the way, can advise more electronic kitchen scale high precision in order to each recipe to achieve maximum quality.

Some customers have written in reviews that the seller has put into their recipe as a gift. In my box of recipe was not, but that’s not the problem — the Internet is not one recipe for Hong Kong waffles.

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Despite the fact that the waffle maker has obvious shortcomings I have described above, I can recommend it to buy, considering that their job she’s doing, the quality of the waffles (depending on waffle maker) is great, it costs a bit, if you look in comparison.

And Viennese waffles can be prepared using multicare Redmond.

One has only to pick up a good recipe and not use this waffle iron you have will not work — everyone will require to repeat this creativity on the plate more than once. Let me remind you, took on Aliexpress here.