Vysokotochnye batteries Samsung INR18650 25 Amps

Perhaps INR18650 are among the most popular brand of Samsung batteries in this format that use producers massively in laptops, bikes, mods, powerbank etc.

But the code 25RM or 25R in the name shows us that this is something special. Namely, the battery is vysokotelym or precision, a second name is not quite correct.

You can get on Aliexpress, but it is better to GearBest, where I bought. Read more about it below.

The contents

  1. Features
  2. Where applicable
  3. Testing and feedback
  4. Summary
  5. Where to buy
  6. Video


Such Samsung have more interesting features:

  • Most importantly, they are able to give more current to the load to 25 Amps constantly and up to 100(!) in the peak duration to 1 second;
  • Are more «robust» relative to a normal 18650 due to the particular structure and chemistry;
  • Service life is higher by 50-70 percent;
  • Tolerate extremes of temperature, especially heat. Thus, they are more protected and when recharging;
  • The minimum operating voltage of 3 volts, and 2.5.

Where applicable

Usually vysokotochnye 18650-25R are used there, which actually need higher currents. For example, for faster run the motor.

Thus, the electric bike will be faster to start the wheel.

But given the special parameters, can be used anywhere: powerbank, laptop batteries, bespereboynik, toys, fashion, etc. are just a longer production period and resistance to breakdown.

Testing and feedback

I took a set of 4 pieces for powerbank charging from the internal battery. It is clear that his charge is often in the sun and it is so nice to heated. I generally rests on the back of the car under the glass.

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This test was conducted by using a LiPro IMAX B6 Balance Garger and LiitoKala Lii402. Well, plus the usual digital multimeter with Aliexpress.

Here are some of the characteristics of the managed to get:

  • Internal capacity 2450-2580 mAh at the stated 2500. The manufacturer here did not disappoint;
  • A current of 10 Amperes at the operating voltage drop to 3.8 Volts with a 4.2 EMF;
  • 20A, when falling below 3.6 V;
  • Well stated and also immediately issued 25A, falling slightly below the working voltage of 3.4 V, which is great!

Even had to ask the neighbor multimeter, because I have more 10A tester constantly keeps. Well, except that the peak — to 20A.


Battery Samsung INR18650-25RM fully comply with all the stated characteristics, thanks to the manufacturer Samsung and the seller.

Where to buy

You can order on Aliexpress here. But there’s a lot of the seller and choose the most proven. Or, if you wish, you can punish the cheaters and buy fake battery and then return all the money via the dispute.

Plus there will be free «dummy», minus the time and nerves…

I prefer to take things at GearBest. And in this case bought a Samsung INR18650-25R on this page. The more you buy at once, the cheaper each powerful 18650. And Giresta fully protected from fraud, they just do not sell!

I recommend to use the original Samsung 25A wherever needed this format batteries. It is better to slightly overpay for originality and improved vitality, performance and use things with joy.


The video is not mine, because I don’t know how to shoot and I have my Studio, a good camera and microphone. But this guy in the video turned out almost the same characteristics as mine:

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