Vrtrend backpack with USB charging system and anti-theft

Vrtrend backpack with USB charging and the laptop compartment have searched for use during a short travel with a minimal amount of things. Purchased on Aliexpress for just over 1,900 rubles in September 2018. The purchase was successful, the order has already been in the mail after 12 days.

The contents

  1. Quality and where to buy
  2. Review and photos
  3. Video

Quality and where to buy

Better to buy from the official representative of the brand Ali here, where you are guaranteed to buy the original and get a warranty from the manufacturer.

Stitched very well, no loose threads, crooked seams or pieces of glue. Zipper does not stick, are working properly. Material with water-repellent impregnation, repeatedly tested under the Petersburg rain – never disappoint!

From the manufacturer a large number of colors for this shoulder bags. Everyone can choose for themselves, because it is a full unisex.

The backpack is not bulky, looks very solid. Size 49х32х20см, the weight is about 700g. Straps high-quality and reliable, on the shoulders is not under pressure even at maximum load.

Pockets in Vrtrend-anti-theft, I counted 10: roomy main division, closer to the back — compartment for notebook and cable charging in front of him a large zipper pocket and several small things, right side – Department for laptop battery.

Outside in the back and the side has pockets with zipper – very convenient for things that you need to quickly get, without getting into the backpack itself, it saves both time and nerves.

Some seller features:

  1. The volume of 20-35 litres (expandable capacity);
  2. Anti theft, waterproof, soft back;
  3. The size of the laptop in a special compartment within 12-16 inches;
  4. Materials: nylon and polyester.
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System «anti-theft» works in several ways:

  • The main zipper is on the back, almost near the back and removed the special «screen»;
  • The side «ribs» do not give «cut» a backpack with a scalpel or razor blade;
  • The front part has a dense structure which also prevents the thieves to cut. This idea is clearly taken from the famous brand Tigernu;
  • Behind the back, additional pockets for, e.g., wallet or smartphone:

Review and photos

The only thing that I personally do not quite like it — the bottom was better to make from eco-leather. Though the fabric is dense and waterproof, it would be easier to wipe down if dirty.

In the end, was satisfied with the purchase, is actively used during business trips and trips to parents. Again, better to order from the manufacturer directly on Aliexpress, here is the link.


Note: the Video on the backpack is a little different in appearance and layout, but overall, almost the same (99%):