Voltage Converter with 12 to 220 Volts

Today we will consider a voltage Converter from 220V to 12 with Aliexpress, which is more correctly called an inverter, as it not only raises U on the output, but change DC to AC.

The contents

  1. Applications
  2. Where to buy
  3. Appearance
  4. Tests
  5. The truth about pure sine wave
  6. Conclusion
  7. Video


The most frequent use is washing common household appliances from a car battery. For example, the amplifier sound and the fans at the picnic, stove for cooking at the cottage, etc.

A little less used to power the desired devices from solar panels in Commerce for illumination, truckers often yuzayut, gardeners, fishermen, etc. Finally, for UPS device for home, when often off the electricity.

Where to buy

I ordered on Aliexpress here. There you can choose on the power of the input and output voltage, type of plug (standard, universal, Euro, etc.).

I took a plug from 12 to 220V., power of 500 Watts.

From this «Patitucci» you can run a lot of things. About to calculate the consumption of standard household appliances:

  • Energy saving light bulb: 7-24W;
  • LCD TV depending on the diagonal: 30-120W;
  • Fan: 35-70W;
  • Refrigerator: 70-100W, etc.

Power conditioner home or electric stove, the microwave will not work — need a more powerful.

I took the Converter is about $ 60 and the average cost of «in the hospital». If the same link above, but cheaper, take it. There are more expensive devices, but with additional outlets, the indication of various parameters on the screen, etc., but that’s all I’d need.


Its standard appearance is a box in the stick, on one side of the socket and the power button plus the led «green» is normal operation, and red overload.

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By the way, peak it gives just as much 1200 Watt that is needed for starting motors and other reactive loads.

On the other hand terminals for connecting 12V and holes for internal cooling fan.

Case metal with small cooling fins. Weight about 3 KG. There is mounting, which can be hung on the wall, the shield, etc.


For testing I powered the desktop computer is not the first freshness with the power supply in the system unit on 450 Watt monitor Samsung 24 inch. As the source power my car battery with one year life of 55 AH.

In principle, everything works fine, just like any other network. No extra artifacts on the display screen was observed, the PC too, no slack was found. Red overload led never lit up.

The entire body is slightly warm on the inside with a built-in fan expels more hot air, but not very much. So that the full heater KAMAZ from it will not work)))

My multimeter DT-9205M shows stable 118-224 Volts under load, and without. Even better than a regular network of apartment buildings, which generally reaches the swimming and jumping within 10%.

Included is a connector to the cigarette lighter socket with contacts to enable directly from the car.

The truth about pure sine wave

Today almost all manufacturers tell you in their promotions about the real «pure sine wave», and the radio measured it with my oscilloscope and try to find the stairs on the charts.

But really, who needs this clean?

It was important before, in the days of analogue television and radio. Today, all home appliances, for which important frequency, use their built-in step-down power supply, and the pulse is:

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Computers, TVs, and more. Their built-in pulse power supply units reduce the voltage to the desired constant 12 volts and 5. No sine waves there at all anymore, because the constant current.

Well, all sorts of lights, tiles and electric motors do not care, net chart, there or stairs!


Purchase I am completely satisfied and can easily recommend this inverter 12 Volt DC to DC 220V. Once again, I bought it on Aliexpress here on this page.