Virtual 3D glasses Bobo Z4

Hi all. I want to share feedback about your purchase of 3D glasses virtual reality model Z4 Bobo from AliExpress. Since about a month ago bought a VR glasses Bobo Z4 . Ordered on Ali here.

In Belarus came fairly quickly, received within 1.5 weeks. Went regular mail and the customs didn’t hold. Assembly is pretty high quality, has a comfortable strap to support the head.

Connector to connect the headphones to the phone, conveniently located within the cover and does not interfere during use. The main «slot» designed into the device from 4.3 to 6 inches.

Use for watching movies and various games for your iPhone 6, however, there is a small gap at the top and a little light penetrates, if included was a small stand for small devices, prices would not have them.

I think the optimal version of the Z4 will fit 5-5.5 inch gadgets. By the way the sound in the headphones great very cool to watch movies.

As it is seen by these models without built-in headphones, but advise these to take, very convenient.

There is in Bobo Z4 a couple of adjustments on the setting – out easy. By the way, the set of points is a great Bluetooth controller that easily connects to all devices. The response time is good , «loose» is also not seen.

Points go to white and black. At the time of purchase they cost 2.250 R now the price is a little higher, probably influenced by the fact that they took them during great discounts. Again, bought on Aliexpress here on this page. I can still recommend for Your gadget special stabilizer X-CAM and then the phone will shoot video not worse than an action camera. Well Bluetooth headphones Bluedio Vinyl Plus with them you will have a real «Home theater in 3D».

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