Vest from real Fox fur brand OLOEY

Every girl loves fur, someone prefers only faux fur, but the majority (to which I also belong) opt for natural fur.

For several years now at the peak of popularity remain fur vests, models, variety — short, long, transformers. Since I live in a small town, the choice of jackets made of natural fur in our stores are meager, therefore, basically all the clothes prefer to buy online stores.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Quality
  3. Conclusion

Where to buy

In Russia there are many specialty stores fur prices are affordable and a large selection of products, but when it comes to delivery to a small village, there is a big problem for the buyer it is very expensive.

It therefore began to look for a fur vest on Aliexpress. Found on this platform a lot of stores that were selling the desired model.

With its rich customer experience that you need to choose reliable sellers who have registered their shop a couple of months ago, and at least a year exist in the consumer market, the products they have a little bit more expensive, but you can be confident in the quality of the product.

Opted for a fur vest genuine Fox brand OLOEY, length 88 cm, read the customer reviews, there were many with real photos. By the way the feedback is reflected only in the last year, then they are automatically deleted by the system.

We went into the store began to look the goods it found the exact same vest, cheaper, but no feedback contacted the seller, explained all the information on the goods, he said it was exactly the same model, just different party.

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I have long worked to determine the color, loved everything, the seller patiently sent real photos of various waistcoats, in the end I chose the color «Dark grey».

At the time of purchase the price of the furs was $ 161 or 10470,46 rubles, the parcel was sent to my address by ePacket service on 17 October, the mail came in 17 days. The package was small and very light. Here is a direct link to the vest on Aliexpress.


On opening the package, I saw a fur vest, of course, such products need to deliver in a box to avoid deformation, but the Chinese always save the packaging.

Fur substantially crush, on several times shook up the towel and hang on the balcony to advisees. Then fluffed up the fur with a Hairdryer, then she acquired a great view. But as always not without shortcomings:

  • the hooks are not sewn correctly on a different level;
  • one side longer than the second 2 cm;
  • initially, the fur climbed.

The hardware used was not the best, the hooks are weak and they reveal. At first I wanted to go to the Studio to replace the hooks and brought into line-length hem, but for the work with furs in the Studio announced the amount of 2500 rubles.

Wrote about this seller, he refunded 2500 rubles, the money transferred to the Bank card. I was planning to wear the vest over the leather jacket, if not zip up, the difference in length is not particularly noticeable.

The pieces of fur sewn onto suede, the seller claimed that it is natural, but I highly doubt it, feels rough like cardboard. Fur first climb, but in the normal range, the seller assured that this is normal.

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Overall, the vest is made of genuine Fox fur is sewn well, the purchase cost me around 8000 rubles, I think that this price is quite justified, as in Russia, such products are twice as expensive.

Once again, I bought on Aliexpress here. Can also recommend cheap women’s hat mink Mosnow and a fur coat from natural fur of a Fox.