Vertical blinds-window blinds

Vertical blinds-blinds for kitchen Windows, bedroom or living room with Aliexpress. The seller offers two colors: blue curtains or pink. I bought a blue tone, as this color fits the interior of my kitchen. Kitchen I have a standard space is 3 by 3 meters, so it took two cloth curtains.

The contents

  1. Size and appearance
  2. How to hang and beautifully decorate
  3. Price and where to buy
  4. Packaging

Size and appearance

Size of one panel soft blinds is two meters high and a meter wide. They are not heavy, about half a pound. Dense, sunlight in the room will not work, the room remains bright.

These curtains, traditional blinds, but not separate slats and one solid cloth. The picture printed well, with precise borders and a bright, intense color.

In the wash, and they can be washed in the machine, the pattern does not spread, does not fade and does not form a spool. I washed with the detergent for colored products, on the normal mode – «quick wash», the truth – no spin.

Panel blinds are manufactured in a «tree», but in the form of squares. The curtains on the Windows are placed vertically: you can hang the hooks or on a curtain rings for this purpose in the paintings there are special masks.

How to hang and beautifully decorate

Because leaf is long, every two feet, the length can be adjusted, so that each fell nicely to the window sill. And adjust the gap between the window and the blinds due to the wide curtain tape, width – 5 cm

It – a ready-made blinds, that is – ready to design Windows. They on all sides neatly trimmed with smooth stitching thread to match fabric. Have cloths front and back side, but it is so invisible the differences that have long to look.

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Also, it should be understand that this is a Roman shade, that is, it is hinged. One painting on the window will look ugly, the interior will deteriorate. Two curtains is beauty, the ceiling will be visually above the room brighter. And if you buy the curtains laces, then you can change the design, depending on the weather!

And again. Personally, I liked that these blinds colors of the French Pastoral. And this — the romance, the lightness, the freshness! Therefore, an excellent option for the kitchen is Sunny, with a Suite of bright colors and white window frame.

Price and where to buy

The cost of one curtain blade when I ordered on Aliexpress on this page here, was 8.86$. I live in Belarus, so delivery was not free but inexpensive – just 1.16$.

It was indicated that the collection and packaging of product may take up to seven days. I was lucky and my order the seller was collected only one day, already on the next day, my item was sent by delivery service SF eParcel.

Further, stated that in Belarus the order comes from 31 to 46 days. The parcel was shipped by the seller on February 26, and I received it at post office April 2, consequently, to Belarus, the product was, a little over a month. It is noteworthy that the tracking number of the parcel visible from the first day until the last moment – it is another plus in kopilochku seller.

Still I can recommend a very fascinating look garland «waterfall» for Windows and balcony, and the incredibly beautiful and stylish modern chandelier with a remote control.

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Each curtain fabric is Packed in an individual polybag packing, and then another one, opaque packaging and wrapped with duct tape. It is necessary to dissect carefully, and then you accidentally tore the blinds, or cut with scissors.

The size of the parcel, with one shade: 30 by 30 by 20 cm, and weighs 350 grams.