Vaping Fuchai mod for vapers

Vaping mod Fuchai 213 took in the fall of 2018 from the official supplier on Aliexpress for 36$ for the action on this page.

To replace the fashion of Smoke, after a trip to the sea (aircraft) left to go charge, surrendered to repair, but there could not help. Perhaps humid climate so affected or flights.

The seller sent was not detained, notification came through 2 days after payment. To Sverdlovsk region base reached 2.5 weeks. Check on the originality is passed.

The little box opens uncomfortable, but these are often. Included is a simple silicone case, but I don’t wear it, I like the looks of the mod.

If there is fading or wear to the case or get the sticker wet. My mod black-grey, Matt, concise, is comfortable in the hand, screen is bright. Flowers from the seller a lot.

Tanks approach it different, I use smokovski. Hovers great, the flavors bright. The charge lasts a long time, change the batteries once a day on the charger do not leave.

I can still recommend the cheap muck Aramax, there are a lot of flavors.

A good choice for vapers, both beginners and experienced, recommend! Again, I bought it on Aliexpress here. Also, the seller has other interesting options wapow Fuchai not only models 213, view this link.

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