VAKIND mechanical keyboard with backlight

In our time it is customary to have good computer equipment, and additional equipment. One of these things is the keyboard. It is important to buy this, after using which you will not start to hurt your fingers, especially if the person spends a lot of time behind a PC.

I have a need to purchase, as the previous was the damaged wire. And although she at the time still worked to use it was dangerous. Last was also mechanical, easy to use, so do not have any doubt that taking her or membrane.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Appearance
  3. Advantages
  4. Disadvantages
  5. Opinion

Where to buy

Reviewing different options, I stumbled on a wired keyboard with backlight brand VAKIND and immediately realized — this is what you need. Looks neat, in a rather unusual style. I remembered the typewriter, the moment I saw her.

Decided to order in store Digital Trend Store, which runs for five years. For reviews, everything is satisfactory.

The price is a little lower than other stores on AliExpress, it played a role in the selection.


Make an order of the 15th of October, three days later he was sent. To Ukraine came very quickly, at the end of the month (31st October) will receive a parcel at the post office in Kharkiv. Along the way the order is being tracked on the website of China Post Air Mail.

Upon arrival the keyboard was in a cardboard box. Nested user guide, which you, as ridiculous as may sound, can’t use, as all is written in hieroglyphs. But this is not a problem, so how to connect it to a computer or laptop is not working. And care it is possible to carry out the same as the others.

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Is such a pleasure $17.90. Do not be afraid of the price tag, for mechanical keyboard the price is quite reasonable. And considering its benefits, it’s worth it. Sometimes it is better to pay once than in the future several times to buy something, thus overpaying.


Available in two colors — black with white/orange led and white with blue. Retro, made under steampunk. Connects via standard USB, nothing wobbles, no falls out of the connector is made of high quality.


Mechanical keyboard in General will last much longer than their membrane counterparts, ideal for active PC users.

Of course, you can just take it just because of the appearance, if funds allow, while not spending a lot of time at the computer. But often, for such people, the appearance does not matter.

In terms of convenience it is difficult to determine which keyboard is better, after all, a matter of taste (and habits, too).

But I can say that I ordered used immediately, very convenient to press the keys, don’t miss them, although they are not quite the usual round — such use for the first time.

Thick wire is a great addition, it depends on the same as from the keyboard itself. Damaging it, will not be able in the future to use the product.


The disadvantages of a mechanical keyboard can include a loud sound when pressed. If it is not a hindrance, a mechanical keyboard is a great option. The sound is not annoying, though relatively loud.

In this model, there is no Russian layout. Refers to a kind of minus, but for me personally it is not, as typing without looking at the keyboard.

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Other regular PC users like also does not confuse. But if you don’t know very well what key is what Russian letter corresponds to, unfortunately, the keyboard will not work.

If you order as a gift, say, for your child, too, how freely he can use the keyboard.

If there is no exact certainty, it is better not to risk it, to then not have to leave on the shelf to gather dust or to China to send back.


A month and a half of good work are not given reason to doubt the quality of product. Perhaps not much time has passed, but would have been global problems, would have floated out.

To order the keyboard you can here. Or you could look at some others from the same seller on Aliexpress. Can you recommend another gaming mouse Razer gaming headset backlit Kotion.