VAG COM 409 KKL — my experience with

Adapter VAG COM kkl 409 is a car USB scanner is intended for diagnostics of cars that allow this, and for a complete list of car information on the program and drivers, direct download links for the needed files (not necessary to order the CD, which will probably have to pay to the seller)

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  • Purchase and delivery
  • The quality of the product
  • Tested and working
  • Opinion
  • Video
  • The files you need
  • Purchase and delivery

    Ordered a scanner here on the Aliexpress for your diagnosis VW Passat B3 1992 was the Need to diagnose engine system for errors. The product description the cable is suitable for me.

    The value of the goods at the time of purchase was 6.52 USD. The seller sent the scanner after 3 days, the product was 23 days to Almaty. The cable packing was so-so, when you unpack, just in case caught the event on camera, suddenly the marriage. Everything was perfect, the condition of the cable new.

    That’s how it looks

    The quality of the product

    Qualitative input on the OBD II. The cable itself is made well. Not visible burrs anywhere as cheaper versions. All the wires in the braid for removal of unnecessary noise, included with it is a disc with the necessary drivers and programs to use on PC.

    Also included was the adapter for my car to connect to the old German cars. On the adapter are clearly shown + and – as in a bad connection can burn the adapter — be careful!

    Tested and working

    Tried on my car, information shows consistently. Able to detect problems in the system start-up, operation of the oxygen sensor and the intake system fuel.

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    The program is very intuitive, but I’m a bit confused. Experience with this kind of device I had. The salesman patiently explained everything, and suggested, don’t be afraid to ask for help to the sellers, even though using an online translator.

    Clear indicators in the program helped me to calibrate the gas pedal. Also checked for Mitsubishi Chariot Grandis. Unfortunately the adapter is not considered errors, the machine just failed to connect. Other standard connections.

    Also a friend has an old AUDI 80 1992, where we have also tested the cable. Everything is clear and stable. In the Internet you can find other programs for this adapter. After 5 months of operation of the scanner and test on different cars, challenges and difficulties I have not noticed. Therefore I recommend the product to all other owners of Volkswagen and other car enthusiasts, so that the cable is suitable for Audi, Seatand Skoda.


    Overall, the product is liked, though the car service is now open! And for the price — it’s just a gift, especially when you consider the cost of one test from authorized dealers. Once again surprised by the civility and tolerance of the Chinese sellers, capable of supporting even with the language barrier and to answer the most stupid questions.

    To order the CD with the product does not make sense, all links are below ON this page or can offer.

    Watch this tester and its price at Aliexpress >>




    The files you need

    Even if you are just going to order this product or is it still «in the way» we recommend you to download the files, then not to search around the Internet or ask the seller to give a link to download .

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    Driver download

    To download the program VAGCOM311.2RUS (Russian full-version)