Vacuum Tinton Life from a good brand TntOnLife with a HEPA filter

For me handheld vacuum cleaner «Tinton life» became the alternative to the bulky «LG». I will not say to the question about changing the vacuum cleaner standing there, but as soon as the device is from a well-reputed manufacturer «TntOnLife» appeared in the burning (and even for 1637 roubles), I decided to «take it!».

The seller refers to it is responsible for: the delivery of goods to your door. Brought the courier company «CDEK» during the week. The device was in the original cardboard packaging and the cleaner, and the long handle it was laid in separate packages had instructions in English and Russian languages. Bought from the official manufacturer here.

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  • Characteristics and features
  • Overview
  • Opinion
  • Characteristics and features

    Manufacturer of vacuum promises a lot of Goodies for you:

    • the apparatus of the cyclone type;
    • consumes little energy;
    • the performance is excellent;
    • removable ergonomic handle;
    • HEPA filter (absolute filter cleaning);
    • container 1.2 liters;
    • factory warranty is 1 year.

    I’m from baby «Tinton life» expect quiet operation – it was one of the reasons why you should choose a manual cleaner because my «LG» roared like mad, and boy he was constantly frightened. However, the miracle did not happen – China mini cleaner works also noisy.

    But his advantage is compactness – it is always in her place at the washing machine, always fully assembled, ready to work. However, noise is a requirement for a powerful engine and do not escape from it, as they say people.


    Now a few words about what is a vacuum cleaner.

    «Brush» is attached to the container – by the way, «brush» bald, without bristles, so that brushing in the full sense of the word it is difficult to call. The container is inserted into a filter that must be washed every time after cleaning, although the manufacturer says to two times per year.

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    Then put on and the body is connected with the engine. You can wear a long «ergonomic» handle. In my opinion, this pen is too thin and quite uncomfortable, so I prefer the shorter «kids» option.

    Despite its apparent low-power vacuum cleaner «Tinton life» to cope with cleaning of carpets as well as the «LG» with a conventional shop or Scarlett with Aliexpress, but faster. There is, however, a caveat – cord is enough for cleaning only a four-meter space, so you have to run from outlet to outlet or use an extension cord (carrying) which sometimes get.

    After cleaning my small apartment (48 square meters) container is full and the filter needs to be washed, which indicates a high degree of cleaning of the room. The cleaning process takes about five minutes: the good in the container there is a button – click on it, and all the garbage falls out.


    For me, this vacuum cleaner has become a good buy (he is now worth more than 1,700 roubles), and kind of a quick helper during harvest – collects litter on carpet and on linoleum. To the purchase I recommend to all those who are tired of bulky analogues of cyclone type and is looking for a budget and effective option for replacing them.

    Again, bought from the official manufacturer.